Creation – Behind the Scenes: A One-Act Play


Time: Creation, Day 6

Place: Heaven, looking down at Earth

Cast: God, One Inquisitive Angel



Angel to God: “What are you doing, God?”

God: “Creating a man.”

Angel: “What are you going to do with him?”

God: “Love him.”

Angel: “What will he do for you?”

God: “Give me pleasure.”

Angel: “Will he give you pleasure that is different from what the rest of your creation gives you?”

God: “Oh, yes.   He will be a speaking spirit just like me, who will have the ability to choose by his own free will to love me and communicate with me constantly.”

Angel: “Have you thought that he might use his free will to choose not to love you?  He could end up giving you a lot of trouble.”

God: “Oh yes, he will give me a lot of trouble. … But he is worth it!”


(Oh that we would see ourselves as God sees us!)

9 thoughts on “Creation – Behind the Scenes: A One-Act Play

  1. Awesome… And, from the line : “who will have the ability to choose by his own free will to love me and communicate with me constantly.” I don’t ever have to ask, or wonder if you are “Calvinated” or not… I knew you weren’t, but, was nice to see in words…and these are wonderful outreaching, thought provoking words I believe will certainly fall onto eyes and ears that need a little provoking.
    Bless You
    I commented about your book…not sure if it is connected to your recent comments, or email etc…And, though it isn’t 3 A.M. here yet…It will be I’m sure before I can bring myself to stop reading it…Which, also, I might add is “Really” saying something where I’m concerned with “E-books”…This is the first that has captured my attention enough to forget I was sitting at a computer screen and not lying under a lamp with the smell of fresh pressed ink, and leather binding trickling through my senses like fresh peculated black coffee. This book is great!

    1. Thank you so much — on both counts — the article and the novel! And, no, you will never find me espousing Calvinism. Actually I’m one of these people who had experience in childhood, teen years, and young adulthood with several different mainline denominational churches. (Still none of them Calvaiistic). I respect them all, but I also found that they all have some degree of their own man-made teaching. Most of them also leave out the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the supernatural ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit — especially speaking in tongues and healing. Now, if you happen to be from one of these churches and not sympathetic to the more Charismatic / Full-Gospel practices, you may not want to read any further.
      And that’s okay.

      I have a number of friends who are not comfortable going that direction. But I figured, since we seem to communicate often, you might just as well know where I’m really coming from. But I don’t seclude myself in those kinds of churches only. In fact, I just preached this morning in a local Baptist church — and the world is still on its axis. Go figure.

      Now, assuming you have decided to continue to read this comment from such a radical, I will respond to your comment about reading the whole novel from the screen. Please feel free to print out the pages if you would find that more comfortable reading. And I’m almost sure you would. The only question is whether or not you want to spend the ink required to do it.

      Thank you again for all your great support. Be blessed!

    1. Excellent reply! And I did read that article already. Did I not leave a comment???? That’s the second article on your site that I read and meant to comment on — but didn’t. My life is too multi-directional to stick with one thing as long as I should I guess.That’s what comes from trying to be in the ministry and work three other jobs to pay the bills. I’ll have a second go at the article very soon.

    2. Oh, I forgot: the “Radical” thing. Here’s a link to the Facebook page for the ministry — “Radical About Jesus.” You mentioned you were not happy with your FB experience. I’m often not “happy” with mine either, but it does seem to be a good tool. Maybe this page will give you some ideas of something else you could do with the FB venue.

  2. I really like this – shows that God created us and gave us free will even though He knew it would cause trouble in our relationship with Him.

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