Experimental Writing Challenge

Okay, I just can’t resist this. I love writing challenges, even though I don’t get to keep up with all of them.  A couple weeks ago, I began thinking about one particular piece of graphic art done by a friend that should spark several good ideas for stories. But, of course, no one else is going to use that photo for a challenge, so I decided I might as well do it myself.

Now, many of my blogging friends are involved in so many of these kinds of activities, they may not have time to add another — and that’s okay. Believe me, I do understand. However, for any of you out there who are looking for one more little adventure in the world of cyberspace writing, I’m going to offer this challenge.

For this time around, I’m suggesting you post your story on your own blog and then come to my comments section and post the link to it — with any other comments you want to make. If this should develop into something regular with a lot of people taking part, and it starts to get too crowded, I’ll FORCE myself to get more sophisticated and sign up for the “inlinkz” system or something similar. But for now, if you want to share your story, just post the link in the ‘Comments’ section below the challenge post.

Now for rules:  Uhhggg!

Only two rules:
1. Write a story inspired by the picture — 100-500 words in length.
2. I host a “G” rated blog, so please be sure your story is clean and wholesome enough to be read by any audience — in other words — Rated G.

And if it should transpire that no one is eager to take up this challenge, there’s no harm done. I’m just feeling a little whimsical this evening, and this is the result. Come to think of it, that’s the way I felt when I posted the “Thursday’s Windows” challenge originally — and look where that led!  If we do have a good turnout of stories, perhaps I’ll post a new challenge each month, but I’ll wait and see how this one goes.

Now for the picture: Some of you will recognize this work from a previous post on this site. It is by Terry Valley, a professional photographer and graphic artist friend in the U. S.  It clearly lends itself to a science fiction theme, but please don’t feel constrained to stick with that. I don’t doubt that many will be inspired to go a different route all together.

TERRY'S GREEN PLANET 2 - resized, credits

Of course, I guess this means I’ll have to write a story inspired by the picture as well. Hmmm. I don’t have any ideas yet, but I’ll work on it, and when I get one, I’ll post my link on here as well.

No time limit. If you’re inclined to take part, take your time and have fun.


18 thoughts on “Experimental Writing Challenge

    1. I know what you mean about the “help.” But it has just always seemed to beg for a story, so I thought I’d throw it out there and see what we get.

        1. Gilly, this is absolutely terrific!!! I laughed so hard — even harder when I thought about how much fun Terry will have reading it. Thanks so much for taking part in this.

      1. Gerry, this is great! You had me going there. It was all really happening! And after all — maybe it WAS REALLY happening in that other dimension. Great contribution. And congratulations on being the very FIRST contributor!!!

        I think I need to be sure and send any entries we have to Terry. I’m sure he’ll love this one. Thanks.

        Also, feel free to write as many on this prompt as you like. i’m going to have to get busy and come up with one myself.

    1. What a delightful take on this picture prompt! A truly fun — and funny — story. Thanks for taking part and sharing your creativity. (Also, I love your header photo.)

    1. Now this really was a surprise ending! And I had to laugh because I had been expecting something serious. You had me in suspense right up to the last line.

      I went ahead and deleted the comment with the wrong link so that people wouldn’t get confused and miss this correct one.

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