O Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Thy Branches

It’s a healing balm to my soul to see Big Blue standing tall against a crystal clear blue sky.



 Last year I decided to name my home. Another literature/writing teacher (who has become a great blogging friend) and I were discussing the fact that throughout history, people have named the property that they called home. We decided that, although the properties we own are not particularly large in numbers of feet or miles, they are still the portions of this earth that belong to us and represent us. I, of course want my home to represent more than me. It must also represent an open door to the Lord and His gracious presence because that’s what my life is all about. So I named my home ‘Beulah Rest.’ I was just thinking today that this magnificent tree standing here, against the backdrop of that gorgeous sky, is the perfect picture of rest and of God’s amazing presence in His creation.




  1. I guess I’ve had the feeling that it’s proper to name my home for a long time. The first home my vfamily brought me into was just HOME; the word meant so much! when I started school, I had to add “seven twenty-three Wilson Street,” but even that colorless addtress was special to me — and remains so today. War-time apartments and rentals never rose to that special level, although they were “home” where my family and love were found. My dad built a home and he and I called it MAHALIMA incorporating the first two letters of the names of my three sisters and me.

    1. By the way, Max. I can’t get your link that comes up with your comment to take me any place. It keeps asking for the addition of “.com” to the address. You might want to check and see if you can figure out what’s wrong. I’m not sure I understand that part of the situation well enough to be much help.

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