Five-Sentence Fiction – 5/16/14 – ‘Making Sure’

This is the first time I’ve participated in Five-Sentence Fiction. It was fun. If you’d like to join in, use the link below to find out the details on the home site.





    The door to Samuel’s office was closed for good. Ever since he’d shot himself there, his father, the patriarch of the business, had forbidden anyone to open it once the body had been removed.
     Everyone thought Samuel had shot himself because of his wife’s death from an apparent heart attack, but Carol knew differently, and she had to get into that office to make sure he hadn’t tucked away a confession somewhere. Sam had given her a key, and she’d use it after the building was closed.
    If he had left a note admitting that he’d murdered his wife, Carol wanted to be sure he hadn’t told the whole story, including naming his accomplice.








13 thoughts on “Five-Sentence Fiction – 5/16/14 – ‘Making Sure’

    1. This is another challenge I didn’t know about until I saw it on your page a couple weeks ago. I’m actually too late on this one to get my link in, but since I had the idea, I went ahead and wrote a story anyway.

      1. There’s a Sunday photo fiction I have tried to be part of but I can’t seem to get it in my schedule and when I do, I am late for the link up. Oh well, it’s all fun and good practice until my best seller comes pouring out of me. 😉

  1. Oh dear, sounds like Carol is going to have some trouble there indeed. 😀
    Well written Sandra. I love it! 😀

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