Love, Love, Love: I’t s All About Love


Love, Love, Love: It’s all about love. No matter who you are — no matter where you are — living is about loving — on many different levels.

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And Happy Valentine’s Day!






5 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love: I’t s All About Love

    1. I believe I’m starting to experience more healing now from the loss of my best friend in August. The past 5 months have been very dark and empty, particularly where writing the novels was concerned. I don’t think a friend’s death in general would have affected my writing so much, but since this particular friend critiqued and edited every book I wrote, — and was a very active part of my creative process for many of them — the whole process of writing a novel without him is a very painful venture. I have three novels started that he worked with me on in the early stages, and I haven’t been able to touch any of them until about a week ago. I was finally able to start adding some chapters to one of them and posted three of those chapters on here, hoping that would keep me going. It didn’t help much, but I sense the Lord’s anointing taking over more and more, and I do believe I’ll get back to the freedom in the creativity that I had before. Thank you for your encouraging words.

      1. I am sure you will find a new way to produce your great novels. Last year and the first of this one sort of knocked me out of my “normal” way of doing things. A cane seems to be the new “normal.” I am working on pulling my bootstraps up and looking for a new adventure.
        In fact, I am in the process of opening my Birds of the Bible for Kids blog back up. It has been on hold for 4 years while I kept paying for it. While I was fixing all those broken links, those older articles were good and need to be tweaked and brought back out. Friday is the 10 yr mark of Lee’s Birdwatching. Wow!
        Let’s both get back to work. I used my age to slow it down. Now I am older and wanting to start rolling again. The kids need some good creation articles more than ever right now. And we need your stories. Enough said. Stay tuned!

        1. Yes, I am more and more amazed at the number of young people who have absolutely no concept of a Biblical explanation of creation. But, even years ago, I sat and talked to a young adult couple about the need for salvation. I had to start with Adam and Eve to explain how sin and the devil got a foothold in the earth. Almost as soon as I started talking, the couple stopped me, and the lady said, “Adam and Eve? Who are they?” I was almost speechless for a moment. I’d never met an adult who didn’t at least know the names as a reference point.

          1. That really is shocking, yet as I see all these College and High School young people with such hatred for what is the traditional basic belief in God and country, who are just as unaware of any Biblical truths. We took out Bible reading, then prayer, then the Ten Commandments, now the National Anthem and the Star Spangled Banner. We are becoming a barbaric nation. Lord help us, who know the Truth, to keep trying to put it out there.

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