Let’s Talk Coffee Podcast Trailer/Intro

This short podcast is the trailer/intro for my newest series of podcast episodes coming soon. I’m posting it today as an experiment to make sure all parts of my theme are cooperating with me on this venture. It will be about another week before I start publishing regular episodes, but I’ll be sure and let you know so that you can listen from here or from other major podcast venues.

PLEASE HELP:  I’ve set a picture for this post for now, but I’m having trouble deciding which picture to use for my cover art for the podcast when it appears on other venues.  Would you be so kind as to drop down to the “Comment” section and let me know which of the pictures you think would be best. You can choose from the one I’ve set as the temporary image above, or any one of these others I’ve inserted below this paragraph. Thanks a lot for your help.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Coffee Podcast Trailer/Intro

    1. I really like that one too. And it’s the one on the cover of my ‘Daily Grind Coffee Lovers Journal,’ so it would be a good choice just for the sake of continuity. But then, I like all of the others for their own reasons too. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for voting.

  1. Bud and I think the one you used in this trailer most appealing. It is gorgeous and eye appealing. Makes the others look tasteless to the tastebuds. We had no second thoughts and didn’t ask each other’s opinion.

    1. Thanks for voting. So far it’s unanimous. Of course there are only 3 votes so far, but it’s a beginning. It’s the picture on my Coffee Lovers Journal as well, so it would draw the podcast and the journal together a little — for advertisement’s sake. 🙂

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