Coffee Makes the World Go Round … Well, At Least It Makes This Blog Go Round

It just came to my attention today that I have done 43 separate posts on the subject of coffee — not counting a story or two set in a coffee shop , posts about my favorite foods, or my “weekend coffee share” posts. Wow.  I guess I appreciate coffee. But then, that makes sense. CoffeeContinue reading “Coffee Makes the World Go Round … Well, At Least It Makes This Blog Go Round”

Weekly Smile 81

It’s hot as blazes here where I live — heat index of 108 even at night — so, naturally, my thoughts turn toward Christmas. Well, to be honest, I think about Christmas a lot anyway. It’s my favorite holiday, and because my family always celebrated in a big way, we have lots and lots ofContinue reading “Weekly Smile 81”

Weekly Smile 80

Well, this week I’m sharing a lot more than a smile. I’m sure no one can watch this video without smiling, but I have to tell you that I laughed out loud — several times. These delightful birds had so much fun in this fountain. Several of them got completely carried away shoving their headsContinue reading “Weekly Smile 80”

Weekly Smile 77

I’m participating again this week in Trent’s Weekly Smile project. I love to focus on positive, happy things in my life, and this weekly invitation to post about what made me smile during the week is a good way to make sure I focus on the good. I hope some of my readers will followContinue reading “Weekly Smile 77”

Daily Post Prompt: Reprieve

` Yesterday I got to thinking What a mistake I’d be making To proceed with plans of taking Vows of marriage to that man. So I pondered how to fix it — How I could politely nix it — It befuddled me, I’ll admit. Could not come up with a plan. But an e-mail cameContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Reprieve”

Coffee Thursday 3/30/17

I learned just this week that coffee plants were originally exported from Africa to countries all over the world, and that currently there are 70 different nations that cultivate coffee.  I never paid must attention to the kind of coffee beans used in the coffee I buy, but over the past couple years, I’ve learnedContinue reading “Coffee Thursday 3/30/17”

Daily Post Prompt: Meaningless

MEANINGLESS WORDS Meaningless words are so absurd. The most absurd I’ve ever heard. Now, I don’t mean to be a nerd; And insult I have not inferred. But, really, when I’m quite unstirred By words whose meanings are deferred, My reading seems like riding herd On crazy cattle who’ve been spurred. All sanity and senseContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Meaningless”