Lemonade Stand

I posted this painting a couple weeks ago, but later I discovered that my muse just insisted on creating a little poem to go along with it. So here’s the poem and, of course, it’s only right that I show you the picture again, since it was the inspiration. LEMONADE STAND When life gives youContinue reading “Lemonade Stand”

Focus on Coffee – Day 5

I have a little coffee poem for you today. Enjoy: LIFE’S NECESSITIES Of life’s necessities I’ve made a list. Coffee’s there, and at the top it sits. Some think I would give chocolate highest place; To their surprise that’s simply not the case. For chocolate, though my fav’rite candy treat, Which quite enthusiastically I greet,Continue reading “Focus on Coffee – Day 5”

Focus on Coffee — Day 2

Wow, when I saw this coffee cup and saucer, I just could not resist posting about it. It’s absolutely beautiful, and it makes me want to brew a fresh pot of coffee right now. Unfortunately, all I have is a picture of this set and not the real thing. I do love unusual coffee mugs.Continue reading “Focus on Coffee — Day 2”

It’s the Principle of the Thing

I was just meandering through some of my old, old flash fiction this weekend, and happened across this little story. I decided that during this unique time of absenting ourselves from routine cosmetic care, this little gem might lighten the day for a few people. IT’S THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING Albert, the town barber,Continue reading “It’s the Principle of the Thing”

Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 7

Well, I just have to post one more video of Jeanne Robertson. And I have to be honest: I had never heard of a Pashmina until I saw this video. I thought everybody where I come from just wore shawls. But, then, lo and behold, when I told my sister about this video, I discoveredContinue reading “Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 7”

Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 6

  Rarely have I laughed so hard as when I’ve listened to Jeanne Robertson. And knowing that all of her stories are true makes them even more funny. After all, life really is funny a lot of the time, and as long as we are willing to ‘let our hair down’ enough to laugh outContinue reading “Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 6”

Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 5

    A VESSEL OF STERLING While browsing antique shops, I made a great find! Unearthed a rare treasure. Never saw one in kind. An elegant bowl, with a handle and lid; Beneath so much tarnish, it’s true beauty hid. Though black with the ages, I hugged it to me; I paid the man gladlyContinue reading “Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 5”

Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 3

This is one of my favorite Don Knotts scenes from the Andy Griffith Show. I’ve loved this show since I was a kid, and I have more than 200 episodes in my own collection. I just watched this segment again today, and I’ll bet you a month’s salary that you can’t watch it all theContinue reading “Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 3”

Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 2

THE FOOT TEST I know in this old world, it’s sad, but true: Emotional relationships can fail. And marriages, though formerly ’til death, Now change as fast as color on the nails. But I’m convinced our troth will still endure. I’m sure of you as you are sure of me. I know because we’re comfortableContinue reading “Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 2”

Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 1

I think it’s past time for a new series from me, and in light of the heaviness weighing on people all over the world right now, I’m feeling led to offer just a touch of humor on a daily basis — for the next 7 days — in the hope it will help us laughContinue reading “Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 1”

When Violets Aren’t Violet

Roses are red; Violets are ———- purple! Doesn’t it bother anyone that numerous poets for centuries have painted those innocent little violets blue?  Of course, I know that there are, indeed, some strains of violets that are more blue — and even some that are pink and white. But I have to believe that theyContinue reading “When Violets Aren’t Violet”

Too Old For a Valentine???

  “Please, won’t you be my valentine?” That’s the slogan on my sign As up and down the street I trudge, But can’t get any hearts to budge. It could be I’m too blatantly Begging someone to love me. Perhaps if I were less profuse The guys would then be less obtuse. But when you’reContinue reading “Too Old For a Valentine???”