Hi there. Thanks for stopping by to visit. I love communicating online, don’t you? You meet so many nice people from all over the world.

It’s interesting to me that I enjoy it so much, when I don’t enjoy phone conversations at all. In fact, I go out of my way to keep them to a minimum. But, frankly, I can sit at my computer with one of my blogs on the screen and talk to friends from around the globe all day.

Of course, that’s a “no-no,” because if I spend too much time writing to people, I can’t spend as much time writing for them, and that’s where my heart is. If you read my “Welcome” page, you already know that I’ve been writing since I was in elementary school, and that I come from a family of writers.

I guess you’d say I’m one of those people who literally can’t keep from writing. Nor can I keep from reading. No matter where I am or why I’m there, I inevitably find myself reading something. I can be standing in front of someone’s desk, and before I know it, I’ve glanced down at the desktop and started reading whatever written matter is lying there — even if I have to read it upside down. I suppose some people would consider that a character flaw, but I figure it just goes along with my love of the work I do.

Writing isn’t my only occupation. I’m an ordained minister, a school teacher, and a professional musician. My love for the Lord Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life, and I’ve realized that, no matter which career hat I’m wearing at any given time,  I generally try to use it to help people get to know the Lord better and help them receive the blessings He wants to give them.

My inspirational novels are focused strongly on that goal. I trust that the stories I write will help make God real to everyday people in their everyday lives. My non-fiction books are aimed at teaching the great truths from God’s Word on a level that is very easy to understand, and my devotional books are an effort to give folks a little lift even when they don’t have time to read anything lengthy. Even when I was a newspaper reporter, my favorite assignments were human interest stories where I could help show the readers something excellent or something hopeful in the stories I wrote.

Occasionally, I write pieces that are not necessarily “Christian” in nature. Most of those are works that help hone my craft or let my imagination have room to grow in different directions. But, hopefully, even a lot of those help give readers a positive experience, even it its just allowing them to focus on something outside their own daily problems and aggravations.

Besides this author’s website, which has it’s own blog, I also have two ministry blogs that you may enjoy: “Hangin’ Out With God,” and “Healing From Jesus.” Besides those, I have created a special Christmas blog — because I love, love, love(!!!) Christmas. If you enjoy Christmas a lot, be sure to visit my “Merry Christmas World” site. And then — believe it or not — I have another online site, but this one isn’t for promoting my own writing or my own whims. I teach creative writing at the college and adult level, and I have created an online magazine to feature work by my creative writing students. So if you’d like to check out some work by a few brand new authors who are just learning how to hone their craft, visit the Debut Writers Journal.

I’m hoping you’ll enjoy your visit here and that you’ll keep coming back often enough to get a good sampling of everything. For more details concerning my books, you can visit the publisher’s website: St. Ellen Press or my Amazon Author’s Page. A couple of my Christian teaching books are currently offered for free reading on the ministry sites as well.

The website you’re on gives you links in the Footer section to my Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, and readers who want to contact me personally may do so at the following e-mail address:

That’s about it, folks. Hope to have an opportunity to chat with you often via our “Comments” sections. Thanks again for stopping by.

Happy Reading and Writing!

(Revised February, 2017)