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Thoughts On Thanksgiving – Day 8




Pilgrims reached the blessed shore,
But bitter winters were in store.
Death and anguish played their part.
Still, ’twas with a thankful heart
That they gathered to expound
Upon the God whose gifts abound.

We, who in their footsteps trod,
Though they lie beneath the sod,
Now do take the lesson learned
From their lives, and, in our turn,
We prepare to thank and praise;
To that same God our anthems raise.

And just as they faced troubled days,
Through hardships grievous made their ways,
So, now, such grievous times we face,
That ne’er before have taken place.
Yet from their lesson we take heart
And lift our songs with grateful hearts.

We will not bow to troubled thoughts,
Nor in the throes of fear be caught,
We have too rich a heritage.
So with forefathers we engage
To praise and sing and laugh and play
And celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you for sharing this Thanksgiving series of posts with me for the past 8 days. I hope all of you are having — or have had — a most blessed day of celebration. And for those in other nations, I hope your harvest celebrations — whatever name they go by — are blessed and happy.



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Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 7

I wrote this one a few years ago, but it’s just so darn cute that I can’t resist another go ’round for it. Besides that, it fits today’s ‘Daily Post Prompt: Mercy.



I spot him there, behind the barn,
A full-plumed, regal bird.
He looks up, straight into my eyes.
I speak no single word.

It’s happened thus, in passing years —
At least for two or three:
Each mid-November I’ve set my mind;
He’s been there to greet me.

Now, lifting his head in challenge strong,
He gobbles loud and long.
I lower my gun and heave a sigh:
To kill him would be wrong!

So, wrestling with my double mind,
I trek home to my wife
To explain why, once again this year,
Ham will greet the carving knife.






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Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 6

PUMPKIN PIES - ART -- Avrilsshowers -- PXHow Many Pumpkin Pies Is Enough???

A Pumpkin Pie Memoir

When I was  child, I did not like pumpkin pie at all. We had a rule in our home that at the dinner table, my sister and I had to eat at least 3 bites of each food on the table.  Like most kids, there were things we did not like (which we later grew to like very much), but my dad was a strong believer that because my mom worked diligently to make sure we had a very healthy, well-balanced diet (including good sweet treats as well), we owed it to her and to ourselves to at least try things that we thought we did not like. After we took 3 bites, if we were still convinced we just could not eat that food, we were excused from eating it.

One evening, my dad decided he’d encourage us further to eat something we said we didn’t like. He often brought us little gifts or tokens of his thoughtfulness when he came home from work, and that night he said he had a special gift for us if we would eat all of our dinner — including the dessert — which was pumpkin pie. I was discouraged because I really didn’t like it, but I wanted the gift, so I made myself eat a small piece of the pie and finished it. When we were done, Dad said, “Okay came over here, and hold out your hands.” We stood in front of him, holding out our hands, and he kissed each one of our hands. Bummer!!!   We complained, of course, but it was all good-natured fun. We knew he meant it as a family joke, so we weren’t angry — but we did tell him we’d never be tricked like that again.

Now, today, I love pumpkin pie.  And I like it best with vanilla ice cream. I have Andy Grifffith to thank for that fact. All the years prior to seeing one particular episode of The Andy Griffith Show, I had always eaten pumpkin pie plane or with whipped cream. I had never seen anyone eat ice cream on it. That combination was for apple pie. But while watching one of the episodes of The Andy Griffith Show (just about my favorite TV show ever), Aunt Bea served Andy pumpkin pie with ice cream, and he talked about how that was his favorite dessert.

I thought what a strange combination. But then one day I decided to try it. And from that moment, I was hooked. Now almost any time I have pumpkin pie, I also plop a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.  Mmmmmmmmm.  If you’ve never tried it, be sure you do.

And just think: you’ll have a great excuse to try it just two days from now — that is if you live in the U. S.  And if you don’t —- well, try it anyway. You’ll be glad you did.


photo courtesy of AvrilsShowers @



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Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 5



Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner,
And I am set to have a lovely time.
First I’ll make a jaunt to church and, kneeling down,
I’ll thank the Lord for all His blessings kind.

And then I’ll journey farther to meet kith and kin.
We’ll hug and laugh and tell each other news.
Then next I’ll help dish up the yummy treats in store;
So many dishes, all from which to choose.

Then after eating more than I could ever need,
And going back again for one more pinch,
I’ll sit by fireplace warm and cuddle little ones,
And soon we’ll be asleep; it is a cinch.

Oh, my, how dear Thanksgiving is to all of us.
It gives us one whole day when we can part
From all that pulls and presses us and wounds us sore,
And give ourselves to healing, loving hearts.


photo copyright © Brenda Calvert




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Thoughts on Thanksgiving — Day 3

Decided to post my Acrostic Thanksgiving poem for day 3.


Thursdays come and go; in every month there’s four or five.
Hardly anyone’s attention they demand.
Ahhh, but there’s one month when Thursday is a special day.
November’s got the situation well in hand.
Kinsmen, young and old, along with neighbors, best of friends,
Stop their normal labor briefly and, instead,
Gather close, declare a feast, and celebrate all day
In churches, homes, and civic halls – wherever led.
Voices glad and warm with love fill up the heart and soul,
Inviting those attending to lay burdens down.
Neath autumn’s healthy harvest, tables beckon us – so come;
Giving thanks to God, now let us gather ’round.




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What If? — Daily Post Prompt: Mushroom

My photographer friend, Terry Valley (Visions Seen Photography) loves photographing the little details in nature, and he has some great shots of mushrooms. I’ve shared a couple of them here. And I’ve also shared some graphic art Terry did, using the mushroom theme. Naturally, writer that I am, I had to create a story to go along with that artwork. I actually wrote the story about 4 years ago, but I decided it deserved another airing for this prompt.



Terry’s Graphics and My Story:  WHAT IF . . . ?

TERRY'S GREEN PLANET - super bright

“What’s the latest report,” Oneida asked Tron.

“The planet Verdure is still in a state of internal combustion,” he replied, his face pinched. He looked at the camera relay screen. “Watching that planet disintegrate right before my eyes and knowing I can’t stop it is tearing my guts out.”

“How long do we have?”

“I’ll know more when Beryl and Oma return. They’re out measuring the light levels in the power garden.”

“That red gas is our main enemy?”

“Yes, as our energy pods absorb it the light energy that holds this planet together is drained off.”

He panned the camera across the power garden of mushroom-shaped growths from which the planet drew all of its life – and its name. “See, how many of the healthy purple pods have absorbed the gas until they have turned red and shrunk to half their original size?”

He panned to the pod where Oma and Beryl were still at work. Oneida spoke. “Look, Oma’s starting to descend. Maybe they’ll be back with their report soon.”

“Yes, but I’m not sure I want to hear it. Sometimes, I think we should turn off all the surveillance equipment so we can’t see it all happening one step at a time. Perhaps we should all just gather in the communal hall and do our best to comfort each other until it comes.”

“Until the end comes, do you mean?”

“Of course! What else?”

She looked at him gravely. “I’ve been thinking ….”

“Yes …?”

“Well … I’ve been wondering … Did we just happen?” Tron looked at her quizzically. “I mean … well … I find it hard to believe this whole planet of Mushroom just happened – and that all of us who live here were non-existent one second and then – bang – here we were!” She looked at him hopefully.

“I don’t think I’m following you. What does it have to do with Verdure’s decomposition and the subsequent destruction of everything within its electro-magnetic sphere – including us?”

“Don’t you see? If we didn’t just … happen … then someone or something more intelligent, more creative, more powerful than ourselves had to have created us. And if that someone cared enough to make us, then wouldn’t it – or he – care enough to save us?

Tron’s eyes grew large. Oneida could see that it was a concept he’d never imagined. But now … with no other possible avenue of hope … perhaps even he thought it was worth considering.

She continued. “I guess I’m wondering if we were to look back in all the records of Mushroom – especially the copies of those old black books the leaders buried underground last century ….”

“You mean you think there might be answers to our origins in those books? But the leaders insisted that they were lies and made it illegal for any citizen of Mushroom to read them.”

“But what if we could find out … and find a way to connect with our … creator –”

“That’s impossible!”

“Is it? Our survival is impossible as we are now. But, just think, Tron … what if …?”


Daily Post Prompt: Mushroom




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Thoughts on Thanksgiving — New Series

Lee, over at Birdwatching Adventures Plus, asked me what I was going to do to entertain my blogging colleagues after the 31-day “Daily Grind Coffee Quotes.”  Well, here it is — only this new series will last only 8 days. It’s a series of pictures and thoughts in commemoration of one of our best-loved (and somewhat overlooked) holidays here in the States: Thanksgiving.  I don’t guarantee anything particular for this series — maybe some serious, maybe some hilarious, maybe even some stupid. I might even throw in a couple of my Thanksgiving poems from past years. So here goes. Below is post # 1 in the new series. Look for # 2 tomorrow.


One misplaced pilgrim trying to figure out how to cook a turkey dinner in the 21st century.




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Snowed In?

I tried re-blogging this post from my Christmas site, but evidently the picture didn’t travel well. So I’m just posting the whole thing new here.

SNOWED-IN CABINS -- Darkmoon1968 -- PX

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, be sure to set the alarm clock so you wake up on time. You don’t want this much snow.



photo courtesy of Darkmoon1968 @

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Magnificent Monday Photos


This perfect shot of a magnificent Blue Spruce forest is thanks to Terry Valley – one of my favorite photographers in the world.

Anyone else out there have a photo of something you consider “magnificent”? Post it on your site, then hop over here and leave the link in a “Comment” window below.


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New Poetry Site

SINGLE TQRS DAISYJust in case some of you really enjoy poetry, I’m inviting everyone to visit my new site here on WordPress. After losing my best friend recently, I have been dealing with a lot emotionally, and it has affected my creativity to some extent — only temporarily, I’m sure. But creating this new site — which is devoted almost exclusively to my poetry and to pictures (some by me and some by favorite photographers) has been a kind of therapy for me.

It is a site purposely focused on positive, light, refreshing works that will give a restful, happy experience to visitors. I’ve shut down a couple of the sites I posted from in the past to be able to focus more of my attention on the new website.

So if you’re interested, mosey over and visit me at this link: AHYOKA.

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How About a Glass of Wine?

photo copyright: Sarah Ann Hall


“What the heck are they?”
“They look like candle holders to me.”
“Hmmm, I don’t see any candles. Hey this one is open down to the bottom … and so is this one. Maybe they’re fancy vases.”
“Well, they sure wouldn’t hold many flowers. Wonder why Aunt Enid left them to us.”
“Honey, you know Aunt Enid. When she’d had her daily wine quota, she was liable to do almost anything.”
“That’s it!  That’s what we’ll use them for.”
“At our next dinner party, we’ll use them as wine glasses.”
“Well, that’s one way to start conversation. Let’s get ’em washed.”


Friday Fictioneers Fun.