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“The Smoky Mountain Series” brings you stories where strong, loving, courageous characters meet the challenges of life with the power of God’s Word, and where true romance wins out over all.

SET FREE AMAZON FRONT COVERSet Free To Love – Book 1  (Available in paperback or digital)
As his vision suddenly blurred, Maddison realized he’d let it happen again. He swiped at his eyes with a thumb and forefinger, trying at the same time to pinch back more tears. He’d have to pull off the highway if he didn’t get better control of himself. The next moment, he could feel the anger boiling up from deep inside, needing an outlet. He’d swung back and forth like this relentlessly, between tears and anger for … how many weeks had it been now? Way too many … but then not really enough … not enough to dull the pain or answer any of the questions.

This first book in “The Smoky Mountain Series” follows private detective Maddison Holt’s journey from grief, guilt, and self-incrimination to a place where he is released from all of those burdens and able to freely give himself to loving and being loved.

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Cameron’s Rib – Book 2  (Available in paperback or digital)

Pastor Cameron McDaniels has never felt his heart stop beating before. Was that what was happening? Or was he just forgetting to breathe in and out normally after setting his eyes on journalist Suzanne Peterson? Thirty-eight years old and still single, he is believing the Lord for the perfect wife, and he’s quick to realize that Suzanne is that woman. But she is bound by grief over the death of her former fiancé and a deep fear of loving again. When all his personal strength and charm are not enough to win her heart, Cameron turns to the Word of God to learn how to wage the fight of faith that will set Suzanne free and allow her to love again.

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Repaired By Love Book 3 (Available in digital and paperback.)

A story of the redemption of two men who had given up hope of ever having a life worth living. A story that will warm your heart and inspire your faith in the amazing power of God’s love.

REPAIRED AMAZON COVER - BLUE TEXT - FRONTTall, with handsomely chiseled features and the bronzed skin of his Cherokee ancestors, Lionel Butler has caused more than one girl’s heart to flutter. But he never takes much notice, because he’s convinced he’s destined to be a bad husband and father. He’s also turned his back on the God his mother served, and since her death, he’s convinced he’ll never be a believer. But when he meets Kana Wallace, a devout Christian, his surprising feelings for her force him to stop and re-evaluate his reasons for a lack of faith.

Kana Wallace never dreamed the day would come when she was faced with the need to choose between a man she loves and her promise to God that she would never commit herself to a relationship with an unbeliever. Will prayer and faith be enough to keep these two troubled people from making the biggest mistake of their lives?

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JONAH'S SONG AMAZON COVER - FRONTJonah’s SongBook 4  (Available in digital. Paperback available in July)

Meet Jonah McDaniels and Valentina Rosswell.
True love doesn’t follow the rules, nor does it dissolve just because two people put up a fight against it. And when the Lord sets His heart on a romance, He can employ some pretty interesting ways and means to bring it to pass. However, when dealing with Jonah and Valentina, even the Lord seems to have His work cut out for Him.

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SLATE — Inspirational Fiction (Available in paperback and digital)

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My newest release
(Available in Paperback)


BOOK 1: Deanna Forbes is a suspect in a murder investigation, but that fact doesn’t interfere with her desires. And, as a woman, she finds herself attracted to Detective Simon Stone, who conducts the two interviews with her before she is taken off the suspect list. She surprises Stone, and herself, when she invites him to have dinner with her so she can get to know him better. Simon is a detective with a heart, and, so far, that heart has never been broken. So falling in love with a woman he suspects of murder doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. But sometimes the heart has a mind of its own. He may be the sharpest detective on the force, but love is not a subject covered in the standard law enforcement manuals.

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(Available in digital and paperback)

Inspirational  Fiction for the Whole Family.
Author’s don’t really have “favorites” in their own family of books, but I think if I had to choose just one of my 12 novels as a “favorite,” this book would be it.

Take a cast full of characters that will make the reader’s heart melt. Add a miracle or two from the hand of a loving God. And readers end up with a story that carries them through the troubles and struggles of life in an imperfect world and right into a somewhat surprising, but well-deserved, happy ending. The lesson learned by the end of the story: Sometimes trying too hard to do things according to accepted protocol can just get in the way of love. An inspirational read for the whole family.  (Read more here.)

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Most of my readers know my favorite time of year is CHRISTMAS!  So I couldn’t help writing a bunch of Christmas stories. This anthology has some of the stories I’ve written over the past 10 years, and I’ll have another Christmas collection coming out this next Christmas, 2017.

A STOCKING FULL OF STORIES – Christmas Anthology

(Available in digital & paperback)STOCKING FULL FRONT COVER

Christmas is about love – and laughter – and hope – and second chances. This collection of 11 original Christmas stories covers all those subjects and then some. From poignant to funny to heart-warming and faith-inspiring – you’ll find a little bit of everything in this “Stocking Full of Stories.”

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everythings-jake-amazon-cover-2-for-e-bookEVERYTHING’S JAKE – Inspirational Romance

 (Available in digital and paperback)

It’s just a little love story. But, then again, it’s a whole lot more than a love story. It’s about finding out who you really are and learning to like that person – and discovering that liking who you are opens the door for the best relationships with other people. It’s about family – and friends who are just like family. It’s about letting God’s way of loving take control of your heart.
(Read more here.)

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HEALING IS FOR YOU! – Handbook For Wholeness

(Available in digital and paperback)

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THE LORD GIVETH … THE *DEVIL* TAKETH AWAY – (Looking At Job Through Jesus)

Available in paperback

A book that finally cuts through generations of man’s traditions and the devil’s lies to reveal what the book of Job really says. Some of the truths readers will find inside this book:
1. Will the real God please stand up? Jesus said, “When you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father.” In other words: “What you see is what you get.” Therefore: All scripture must be interpreted and understood through Jesus Christ.
2. Deep down inside many Christians, as they read the story of Job, is this nagging little question that keeps coming back to ask of the traditional Job story, “What’s wrong with this picture?” Unfortunately, most Christians are afraid to search for the answer, but this book reveals the answer and much more.

If you’ve been confused by the Biblical book of Job and troubled by what you see as God’s treatment of his faithful servants, you need to read this book. It will unlock some of the questions caused by erroneous translations, lift your faith, and  restore your joy in the God of the universe.   (Read more here.)

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Captured By Cinquain

My newest release is this collection of cinquain that is now available in paperback from Amazon.

My poetry anthology, I Think I’ll Write A Poem, is being updated, and a new edition will be out soon.



Some of my children’s fiction should be available on Amazon by fall of 2018.