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Weekly Smile 12/31/18

Trent, over at “Trent’s World” is hosting his “Weekly Smile” invitational again now, and I thought I’d throw in my reason for smiling this week. As many of my regular visitors know, I’ve been dabbling in watercolor painting this past year — primarily for the purpose of de-stressing. Playing with watercolor relaxes me. But the more I played with that medium, the more I got interested in adding a few other mediums to the mix as well, and the next thing I knew, I was playing with ink and then with a whole new set of markers, and who knows where it will lead next.

I’ve kept journals that were connected with my writing and with my ministry, but I had never started an art journal. So this Christmas I decided that I should put a good mixed-media journal on my list of wishes so I could use it to practice and experiment. And sure enough, I got a beautiful journal that is filled with a combination of excellent watercolor pages and sketch pages. Now, that really made me smile. But that wasn’t the end of the story, because every time I do something new in that journal, my smile grows wider. I’ve been doing watercolor, ink, graphite sketches, marker drawings, and poems — all in the same book. So I’ve been smiling a whole lot this past week.

I’ll share a few of the pages below, and just maybe one or two of them will make you smile as well.













Which Hot Cocoa Experience Would You Choose?

It’s the season for hot cocoa. Yes indeed. And there are so many ways to enjoy it. Look over the possibilities in the photos below and leave a note in the “Comments” section to let us know which experience you think you’d enjoy most. (I’ll number them to make it easy.)


HOT COCOA - RED NICE -- Jill111 - PX
Jill111 @pixabay


HOT COCOA - TIN CUP -- Rawpixel - PX




HOT COCOA - TALL -- Stevepb -- PX


HOT COCOA - CLASSIC - Midadago -- PX









BILL LEWIS PIC - LIGHTENED - CLOSE CROP - 355Bill’s his name. Talking ’bout Jesus is his game.

Hey, everyone, I’d like to introduce you to a blogging student and good friend of mine: Bill Lewis.  He moved into the WordPress neighborhood a short time ago, and he’s about to get the hang of blogging. He is a minister of the Gospel, and he likes to post about Jesus and His love for people. He talks about a few other things on his site as well, but his focus will be on sharing things from God’s Word that will, hopefully, help people in their everyday lives.

I hope you’ll hop over and see him when you get time. He’s still learning some of the ropes, so if you comment on his posts, please don’t feel bad if it takes him a while to answer, since he’s just now getting into that part of the process. But he will appreciate your visits and the chance to get to know you and to visit your site in the near future.

He’s also recently published his first book, which he’ll be talking about on his blog soon.

I’ve told him about how friendly the WordPress bloggers are, and how it’s easy to become sort of a family with a lot of people from all over the world when you blog. So I hope you’ll help me welcome him into our community.

Here’s a link to his site: Sharing Jesus With The World.




A Happy Plug for a Happy Little Book

RALPH'S AMAZON COVER - frontA great friend and ministry colleague of mine, Pastor Ralph Brandon, has written a book of uplifting, life-enriching devotions, and it has recently become available on Amazon.

Ralph has served the Lord for more than 45 years as a pastor, professional Christian counselor, and founder and administrator of a large Christian school. He is also a columnist for two newspapers, and those columns have been so popular that his readers began to clamor for him to put those articles into a book.

So a few years ago, he did so. The book Stories From the Sunnyside of Life, offers a unique look at truths from God’s Word. What makes them unique is that he’s wrapped up these truths in stories filled with the “down-home” humor from his life experiences since childhood, growing up in a little hamlet known locally as “Sunnyside.” I’m going to let him tell you about his work in his own words below.

“Nestled deeply into the southern portion of the state of Illinois, USA, is a little hamlet known as Sunnyside. I grew up there, and my wife Barbara and I still make our home there today. 

“That little hamlet — and the wonderful people who have populated it — have molded me in multiple ways, so it’s only natural that as I go about the work I’ve been assigned in this world — pastoring, professional counseling, teaching and administrating Christian schools — I find myself applying years of Sunnyside experiences to those endeavors. 

“So years ago, when I began writing a column for two local newspapers, I found myself sharing Sunnyside in my lessons and exhortations in those columns. As a result, readers began requesting me to put those articles into a book, and I finally complied. My first book “Stories From the Sunnyside of Life” is the result. 

“Early in my life, I discovered that the Lord has evidently given me a gift for comedy, and, to my joy, He has made much use of that gift as an asset in carrying out my work in every part of my service to Him. He’s made significant use of that gift in my writing. I love sharing the powerful, life-changing truths from God’s Word, and when I can offer those truths and lessons wrapped up in some of the “down-home” humor of life in Sunnyside, it’s a great delight. I’ve been thrilled and grateful to see how popular the first book is, and I’m looking forward to offering a second volume of similar stories in 2018.

“The Word of God says in Acts 17:26 that He “appointed … the boundaries of our habitation.” I thank God that He chose the boundaries of my habitation to be Sunnyside. The stories I share are not mine alone. They belong to all of those wonderful people.”

Ralph will be putting out a second volume of similar stories this year, but if you’d like to check out Book # 1, you can find it in digital or paperback HERE.

I hope many of you read it and find it a boost to your life and your faith.




COFFEE THURSDAY! – a new invitational

Hi. Today I’m embarking on a brand new INVITATIONAL post. It works like a blogging challenge, but I don’t consider it to be a “challenge.”  Instead it’s an invitation to all other bloggers out there to share a post on the same subject.

And what is that subject you may ask?  COFFEE.

Yes, you read correctly. As most of my readers know, I am a lover of the brew, so I thought it would be fun to devote one day a week to focusing on a post dedicated to that aromatic, refreshing, comforting, and (yes) healthy beverage.

So if any of you readers would like to share you photos, graphics, poems, or prose on the subject of coffee, please join me on Thursdays. I’ll try to post very early in the day, and then you will have that whole week (until the next Thursday) to post your own response and hop over to my post for that week to leave your link in a comment window. And, of course, if you miss a week, we’ll be posting on the same subject again the following Thursday.

So let’s get started. My inaugural post is below. I’m eager to see some of yours. And while you’re working on that, have a cup of coffee on me.

Photo for the month of March on my Dayspring calendar. You’ll find more of their products here.







Share Your World 2016 – Week 19

Visit Cee’s Photography to learn how to participate and share your own world.


Question # 1:  You win a pet monkey but this isn’t just any old monkey. It can do one trick for you whenever you want from getting a pop out of the fridge to washing your hair. What would be the trick?

Eeeewwwwwe!!!  I hate monkeys so that takes care of that question. No monkey would ever find a place in my home as a pet, nor would I let one do anything that connected it with my food, my hair, or my possessions.  Okay, on to question 2.


Question # 2:  What caring thing are you going to do for yourself today?

Well this day is coming to a close as I write this post, but I did do something caring for myself. I visited my sister and spent the afternoon with her. We had a blessed time, and it made us both happy to have the time together.


Question # 3:  What color do you feel most comfortable wearing?

 There is no answer to that question. I wear so many different colors, and I am comfortable in all of them, or I wouldn’t wear them. I love color, and I indulge in wearing a large variety of colors on a regular basis. About the only color that I do not enjoy — whether in clothes, accessories, or decorations of any kind — is orange.


Question # 4:  Complete this sentence: When I travel I love to …

When I travel, I love to take my time and enjoy things at my own tempo. I do not like to feel pressed to get up super early in order to make it to breakfast by a certain time, nor do I want to have to call it a night when I’m still enjoying whatever activity I’m involved in.  I don’t enjoy being rushed through activities, and I love going to places that allow me some time to sit and soak up the atmosphere and just ‘be.’


Bonus Question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

 I’m super grateful for a friend who fixed the terribly leaky faucet in my bathtub. I’m also grateful that his wife gave me a gorgeous lighthouse cookie jar — because they know how much I love lighthouses — and cookies.

This coming week, I’m looking forward to FINALLY finishing the novel I’ve been posting recently on this blog one chapter at a time. Since I started this particular book almost four years ago and resorted to posting it here in order to FORCE myself to get it finished, I’m going to feel super relieved when it’s done. I’ve actually written two other novels and seen them published since I started the one that has been giving me such a struggle. But I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel for May I Borrow Your Love. In case any of you readers have missed it on here and want to check it out, here’s the link to Chapter One.