trent’s weekly smile — 1/14/22

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had an opportunity to participate in Trent’s Weekly Smile posts, but I really did want to get back to it. The truth is that I haven’t been posting regularly at all during the past year and a half. Like most people, my whole life — work, social functions, even ministry functions — have been totally messed up with all the covid junk. (I refuse to capitalize that word; it doesn’t deserve to be capitalized.)  There have been a number of things that kept me from smiling. My sister had a battle with cancer during that time, and she passed away in the latter half of 2021. So smiles have been a little hard to come by.

She was the only really close family I had left, although I do try to stay connected with her two sons and their families. This year at Christmas, we felt the need to be connected even more strongly, but on Christmas Eve, one of my nephews and his wife had to be tested for covid, and they couldn’t get the results back in time for us to be together at Christmas. They didn’t have covid (and that in itself is worth a smile), but our window of opportunity for that holiday was past. But not to be defeated, we finally worked out a plan to get together at a later time, so that we could all eat together and open gifts and just have another “family” Christmas.

Now, I come to the ‘SMILE’ part of my story. One of my nephews had bought the newest Oculus Quest for his brother’s kids. Now, I has seen these gizmos and had watched a couple kids having fun with them, but I never even thought about trying one out. But, lo and behold, my nephew who had purchased the Oculus decided his 73-year-old aunt needed to get into the 21st century a little better, so he insisted that I put on the headset and let him instruct me in how to use it.

I’m not sure how many of you readers out there have tried out the Oculus Quest, so some of you probably know a lot more about it than I do even now, but I can say it was truly an experience I hadn’t even imagined. I’ve seen sci-fi movies in which characters experienced some things like I experienced with the Oculus, but I just never really thought about doing so myself. 

It was truly like entering an entirely different world. In fact the scene that came up immediately made me feel that I was standing on a strange planet, and if I hadn’t felt the good old Earth beneath my feet, I would have been a little nervous. I have to say the fact that my nephew and his son made an issue of making sure I had plenty of empty space all around me before I put the headset on was a little unnerving to begin with. My thought was, What am I going to be doing in all this space? But I realized that it was just precautionary since I couldn’t see the real word around me at all once the headset was on.

The options for activities and games that are literally “at your fingertips” is amazing. Just learning how to maneuver the hand sets was an experience. But as strange as it was, it was also delightful. I definitely smiled a lot. And even though it’s been a little more than a week since that experience, I am still smiling every time I remember it. So I figured why not make that the smile I share for this week.

The takeaway from all this experience is two-fold: Remembering it and the comradery with my nephews still makes me smile — and the whole experience has triggered a couple new ideas for brand new stories. And new story ideas always make me smile. So if any of you writers out there haven’t tried out the Oculus Quest yet, you might want to put it on your list of things to do in this New Year.


Coffee Makes the World Go Round … Well, At Least It Makes This Blog Go Round


It just came to my attention today that I have done 43 separate posts on the subject of coffee — not counting a story or two set in a coffee shop , posts about my favorite foods, or my “weekend coffee share” posts. Wow.  I guess I appreciate coffee. But then, that makes sense. Coffee is soothing, satisfying, comforting, energizing, and beneficial to health (according to some medical research I’ve read about.)

So, have a cup on me today — and make it a great day!

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Weekly Smile 81

It’s hot as blazes here where I live — heat index of 108 even at night — so, naturally, my thoughts turn toward Christmas. Well, to be honest, I think about Christmas a lot anyway. It’s my favorite holiday, and because my family always celebrated in a big way, we have lots and lots of wonderful memories and traditions that we still enjoy. I always smile when I think about any of them. I always smile just thinking about Christmas. I listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies all year long, and I have a website devoted exclusively to that holiday. If you’d like to visit, here’s the link: “Merry Christmas, World!”

Anyway, one thing that made me smile this week was this picture I took of this gingerbread house. I didn’t construct it. A friend of mine did: a man who had always wanted to make a gingerbread house, but never had the opportunity as a child and evidently didn’t feel it was a seemly thing to an adult man to do. But a few years ago, at the age of 54, he decided to purchase a kit and build himself a gingerbread house. I was so happy that he took that plunge. He enjoyed it immensely, and when it came time to deconstruct (i. e. eat) it, he made sure I was there and shared it with me. The photo still makes me smile.



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Weekly Smile 80

Well, this week I’m sharing a lot more than a smile. I’m sure no one can watch this video without smiling, but I have to tell you that I laughed out loud — several times. These delightful birds had so much fun in this fountain. Several of them got completely carried away shoving their heads down into the bubbling font where the water was flowing in. And then they just threw the water all over themselves. In a couple segments of the tape, one of the birds keeps stepping on another whose just below him in an effort to get higher up on the fountain itself. If you want an hour of rest, refreshment, and just plain fun, watch this. Or just watch part of it. You’ll be glad you did.


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Weekly Smile 77

I’m participating again this week in Trent’s Weekly Smile project. I love to focus on positive, happy things in my life, and this weekly invitation to post about what made me smile during the week is a good way to make sure I focus on the good. I hope some of my readers will follow this link to Trent’s World and jump in with their own posts about things that make them smile.


Dayspring Calendar, 2017


I’m serving ‘coffee with a smile’ for my post today. This picture is from my Dayspring calendar that is about nothing but  — you guessed it — coffee. I do enjoy coffee — and tea as well. I don’t enjoy cold drinks very much. I generally prefer something warm — especially with a meal. It can be regular coffee, half & half coffee, decaf coffee, tea, herbal tea, or hot chocolate.

I’m fairly eclectic when it comes to drinks and food. But I have to say that coffee is my choice most often. I think it comes from the fact that, in my family, a good cup of coffee has always been associated with family togetherness, wonderful fellowship, and comforting relaxation.

And, just to be frank, I’m tired of hearing all the uninformed critics out there who try to make coffee drinkers feel guilty because there is an element of caffeine in coffee. I have always maintained that, since the Lord told us in Genesis that He made the seed-bearing trees and plants for us to ingest, then we should be able to partake of coffee with a clear conscience and a happy heart. And let’s not forget that God made the coffee bean with the caffeine in it. We human beings did not add the caffeine the way we add so many artificial ingredients into our food. That caffeine must have some good qualities in it, or the Lord would not have put it into the bean in the first place.

Furthermore, there have been numerous medical and scientific experiments done over the past half dozen years that prove coffee has many beneficial qualities for the human body — everything from quickening our brain function to eliminating headaches as quickly as aspirin to protecting the body against several kinds of cancer and heart problems. Naturally, nothing is good for our bodies if we partake of way too much of it, to the exclusion of other important elements. But in moderation, coffee is a great blessing.
****** I figured Trent’s blog was as good a place as any to vent. 🙂

But, seriously, every time I smell that unique, soothing, uplifting aroma of fresh-brewed coffee I smile.  Yep — every time. So, here you go: Have a cup on me ……………



Daily Post Prompt: Reprieve

WOMAN AT COMPUTER - HAPPYYesterday I got to thinking
What a mistake I’d be making
To proceed with plans of taking
Vows of marriage to that man.

So I pondered how to fix it —
How I could politely nix it —
It befuddled me, I’ll admit.
Could not come up with a plan.

But an e-mail came today,
And now everything’s okay.
For reprieve he’s made the way:
He eloped with his friend Stan.


D. P. Prompt: Reprieve



Coffee Thursday 3/30/17

My coffee clock tells me it’s time to write about coffee again.

I learned just this week that coffee plants were originally exported from Africa to countries all over the world, and that currently there are 70 different nations that cultivate coffee.  I never paid must attention to the kind of coffee beans used in the coffee I buy, but over the past couple years, I’ve learned about Arabica and Robusta beans. Now, I think I’ll take special notice of exactly what the can or bag says when I take it off the shelf for purchase.

One of the things that helped educate me was a series of “cozy mystery” novels that center around a fictional coffee house in Greenwich Village run by the main character Claire Cosi. The series, Coffeehouse Mystery, is the work of a husband and wife team who write under the pen name of Cleo Coyle. If you love a good mystery, and you enjoy coffee as well, it’s probably a series you’d enjoy spending time with.

But be sure that when you sit down with the book, you have a fresh cup of your favorite coffee right at hand. Reading just isn’t the same if you can’t pick up that lovely cup or trusty mug and take a sip now and then.

And don’t forget: You’re invited to share your “coffee thoughts” by way of prose, poetry, pictures, or graphics. Just post on your own blog and hop over here to give us your link in the comment window below. (And you can post any time this week. It doesn’t have to be Thursday.)


Daily Post Prompt: Meaningless



Meaningless words are so absurd.
The most absurd I’ve ever heard.
Now, I don’t mean to be a nerd;
And insult I have not inferred.
But, really, when I’m quite unstirred
By words whose meanings are deferred,
My reading seems like riding herd
On crazy cattle who’ve been spurred.
All sanity and sense are slurred
By meaningless words that are absurd.

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