Making Merry — 12 Days of Christmas Coffee – Day 1

Christmas is just a little bit merrier with a great cup of coffee. I decided to make this post the first in a series called “12 Days of Christmas Coffee.” I hope you enjoy the series. Merry Christmas! photo courtesy of Vinson Tan @  

My Heart Belongs To Autumn (re-post)

Several years ago, as I sat on my front porch just enjoying the beauty of autumn, gazing fondly at a huge tree in my neighbors yard, this poem just started running through my soul. Today, as I thought about the fact that it’s the first day of autumn, 2019, I decided to re-post that poemContinue reading “My Heart Belongs To Autumn (re-post)”

Meloncholy Monday

I’m having a rather melancholy Monday, so I decided to just post a picture that makes me feel happy.  I played this piano for years. So did one of my best friends in the world. So did the master pianist Liberace. What a colorful past it’s had. It has a new home in Georgia now.Continue reading “Meloncholy Monday”

Weekly Smile 12/31/18

Trent, over at “Trent’s World” is hosting his “Weekly Smile” invitational again now, and I thought I’d throw in my reason for smiling this week. As many of my regular visitors know, I’ve been dabbling in watercolor painting this past year — primarily for the purpose of de-stressing. Playing with watercolor relaxes me. But theContinue reading “Weekly Smile 12/31/18”

Which Hot Cocoa Experience Would You Choose?

It’s the season for hot cocoa. Yes indeed. And there are so many ways to enjoy it. Look over the possibilities in the photos below and leave a note in the “Comments” section to let us know which experience you think you’d enjoy most. (I’ll number them to make it easy.) 1. 2. 3. 4.Continue reading “Which Hot Cocoa Experience Would You Choose?”

Smell the Autumn

It’s been a week of enormous strain and pressure, but the result is a great deal of work completed successfully. I’m relieved, a little bit proud, and very much in need of some R&R. Probably won’t get it, but looking at this picture relaxes me. It makes me want to take a long, deep breathContinue reading “Smell the Autumn”