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My Darkest Night


My darkest night has come,
The sorrow is so deep.
My grieving heart’s entombed —
So empty it can’t weep.

The storm around me rages,
And uses up my strength.
While memories and images
Besiege my mind at length.

But through the savage gale,
A voice so sweet and clear,
Rings out and then prevails;
Bids me let Him draw near.

For in His lovely presence,
The howling winds of grief
Stand still. His very essence
Is all-consuming peace.

His light condemns the darkness
And forces its retreat.
The night to dawn must hearken,
And death to Life concede.



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Letter To Naughty Nita — Daily Post Prompt: Sympathy


Dear Nita,


I simply have no sympathy for you.
You’ve played loose and wild for many years.
Stolen hearts and broken homes amassed;
You’ve been the fear of many wives for years.

I simply have no sympathy for you.
In my opinion — and in those I hear —
You’ve fin’ly gotten justice rightly earned,
And you’re the one, at last, drowning in tears.

Daily Post Prompt: Sympathy



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In Memorium – Daily Post Prompt: Priceless

KENT BUS JRN PIC - with credits

The knitted heart
Of one who knows me best –
Both good and bad – yet loves me still.
True Friend.


Composed in memory of my dearest friend, who went from this life 10 days ago — much too soon and too quickly:  Kent Bartholomew Mann (1957-2017).

[Daily Post Prompt: Priceless]




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So Excited About This Little Book

CAPTURED BY CINQUAIN AMAZON COVER - frontYes, it’s just a little book — only 68 pages — but it’s the first book I’ve ever done that’s totally devoted to cinquain. As most of you, my readers, know, I fell in love with this unique American poetic form a couple years ago, and since then I’ve written cinquain on almost every subject under the sun.

So if you enjoy poetry — and having fun with it — you’ll probably enjoy this book. It was just launched today on Amazon. You’ll find a very short sample on the Amazon site, and many of you have read most of the poems that are in it as I’ve created them and published them individually on this very blog. But so many were written a couple years ago, that I don’t think you’ll find it boring to revisit them —- that is if you enjoy that form of poetry to begin with.

Anyway, you can find the book HERE  in paperback for only $4.95. (I should probably tell you that some of the poems have accompanying pictures, and the Amazon sample shows those pictures in color. However, the actual book has black & white pics.)




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Glaring: Daily Post Prompt



What a glaring mistake I have made.
But I hadn’t seen Ben for two years.
And he — oops, I mean she — hadn’t said —
Not a word of this change did I hear.

We were meeting old high school classmates:
A reunion of sorts — just a few.
And since Ben Hall and I had been friends,
I was hoping friendship to renew.

But as soon as I entered the room —
I could not see my friend anywhere —
All at once I was grabbed and hugged tight
By this big-bosomed gal with blond hair.

She pulled back and smiled, and I glared.
Bernice Hall was the name on her tag,
Then my brain saw the light, and I said,
“Ben, why have you come here in drag?”

Oh, but no, I was soon to find out
That Ol’ Ben had had surgery done.
Said he just couldn’t resist a change,
Because big-bosomed blonds have more fun.


What a glaring disgrace and abomination we have given place to in our society now. There will be a price to pay, and we will see hundreds of bodies mutilated and hundreds of lives destroyed in the next decade as a result.

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This Is The Way We Brush Our Teeth – Daily Post Prompt


Be sure to use your toothbrush every day.
Or if you use it twice a day, that’s better yet.
Because if you will clean your teeth a lot,
Then when you see the dentist, you won’t have to fret.

Of course, it’s wise to floss as well as brush,
And then, after the flossing, we should always rinse
With something that will kill bacteria.
I guess with all the gunk we eat, it does make sense.

Anyway, I’m giving this advice —
The same advice my mommy always gave to me.
So hopefully, you won’t lose any teeth,
But keep a brilliant smile for everyone to see.

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Childhood’s Treasures: Daily Post Prompt


Sometimes treasures lie deep-buried,
‘Neath eons of soil and time,
Long resisting human efforts
To unearth and cleanse from grime.

But then there are rare occasions
When a prize will come to light
Resting beneath shallow waters
Waiting childhood’s keenest sight.

To the toddler on adventure,
Holding onto daddy’s hand,
Tide-smoothed pebbles, multicolored,
Constitute a treasure grand.

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I have no good excuse for this bit of ridiculous whimsy. I was just in the mood to write some cinquain, and when I put my fingers to my keyboard, this is what came out.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBER edited for blog



I stood
On mountain top
And called out loud, “Hello,
I’m looking for my one true love;”
Then heard:

I’m looking for
My one true love.”  — Oh, joy!
My heart was sure I’d found my love
At last.

And so
I called again
And once again reply
Came loud and strong; that lovely song
Came back.

So then
I walked around
But stopped on ev’ry side
And called my heart’s desire and heard

I spent the day
And grew quite hoarse in throat
But never found the love who called
To me.



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Seasonal Cinquain



I don’t like it.
If I had my own way,
It would be relegated to
One month.

I feel the same
About this season too.
If only I could make the call —
One month.

Well it’s quite nice.
The fragrances so sweet,
Gentle breezes, warm sun, new life —
Two months.

My favorite!
Skies crystal blue, crisp air,
Gold leaves, spice scents, and holidays —
Eight months!





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Daily Post Prompt: Polish

My Polish grandmother & my dad

I am Polish and Bulgarian,
Scotch, and Cherokee.
It took a lot of different folks
To make me into me.
But I don’t waste time digging
Back into my family
To find my roots and focus
On separate ethnicity.
I’m just so very grateful
I was born where I could be
A citizen of U. S A.
American — that’s me!


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Daily Post Prompt: Distant

`ROAD UPHILL. w. credits w. bloom color
There’s a distant place that’s waiting.
I can hear it call my name.
And a distant dream that’s birthing;
Everything’s about to change.
I’ve been dragging, worn and weary,
Scarred by failure in the past,
But a distant song is calling,
And I’m finding strength at last.
No, I don’t deny I’ve fallen,
Gotten up, then failed again.
But I hear a distant promise:
“Never quit, and you will win.”

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Daily Post Prompt: Reprieve

WOMAN AT COMPUTER - HAPPYYesterday I got to thinking
What a mistake I’d be making
To proceed with plans of taking
Vows of marriage to that man.

So I pondered how to fix it —
How I could politely nix it —
It befuddled me, I’ll admit.
Could not come up with a plan.

But an e-mail came today,
And now everything’s okay.
For reprieve he’s made the way:
He eloped with his friend Stan.


D. P. Prompt: Reprieve