Counting The Cost

Being in this lockdown mode has taken quite a toll On, not just my activities, but on my soul. I’ve found that although at the start, I chafed and whined, Now, after many months, I’ve become self-inclined. Where I was once outgoing and with people pleased, I now am focused on myself, and I’ve perceivedContinue reading “Counting The Cost”

The Secret of the Ribbon Tree

I wrote this poem several years ago, but got to thinking about it this week — probably because we are coming up on Valentine’s Day. So I decided to give it some time online again. THE SECRET OF THE RIBBON TREE I’ve wondered round this earth for years, And known my share of joys andContinue reading “The Secret of the Ribbon Tree”

Love Cinquain Collection

  Now that we have moved into the “month of love,” I thought I’d dig back through my cinquain archives and take a look at some of the love cinquains I’ve written in the past. I will have to write some new ones this year, of course, but I enjoy reading those from past yearsContinue reading “Love Cinquain Collection”

Three-Day Coffee Cinquain Challenge — Day 3

Okay! We’re finishing up the first full month of 2021 on a great note: with coffee and cinquain. What better combination is there? (Well …. maybe coffee and chocolate … but we’ll do that again later.) Ooopsie! Don’t want to spill Or waste a single drop Of this delicious coffee in My cup.

Three-Day Coffee Cinquain Challenge — Day 2

I admit that for this Day 2 cinquain I did not use the actual word coffee. But I stand by the poem as indicative of the allure and satisfaction that only coffee can bring. 🙂 Ready. How much longer? Your fragrance titillates. We’re trembling in our saucers now. Hurry!

Three-Day Coffee Cinquain Challenge — Day 1

I decided it’s time I wrote about coffee again, and I like to challenge myself to write about a common topic in an uncommon way. So I’ve decided to close out January with a 3-day challenge to myself to write a brand new coffee cinquain for the last 3 days of the month. And ifContinue reading “Three-Day Coffee Cinquain Challenge — Day 1”

Freedom of Speech

I know there are some who will hate me. And others speak evil of me, For taking a stand for what’s moral And for keeping this nation free. They’ve already gagged social media That work constitutionally — Those that allow us to speak truth, And keep our speech legally free. But, frankly, I won’t letContinue reading “Freedom of Speech”

The Politically Correct Drink

Politics ruffle my soul. The worst of most people they show. But when I get stressed and uptight, I know what will make it quite right: Please give me Coffee! I need to lean back and breathe slow. For Presidents will come and go. Some are corrupt and hell-bent. I’ll pray they’re removed, but ’tilContinue reading “The Politically Correct Drink”

First Coffee Post of the Year

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t celebrate the new year with a coffee post. And, then, since chocolate runs a very, very close second to coffee as my favorite treat, I figured I should include both. So I decided I’d stay in my limerick vein another day, and this is what I cameContinue reading “First Coffee Post of the Year”

3 Little Limericks to Lighten Your Day

  BECOMING AN ABSTRACT ARTIST Though he painted quite well, no sales came.He slaved o’er each piece; what a shame.Then one day he did trip,And his paintbrush did slip.The results brought his name to great fame.   TRYING TOO HARD Lester begged for a date with Miss Rose.She was tall, so he stretched to tiptoes.ButContinue reading “3 Little Limericks to Lighten Your Day”