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I have no good excuse for this bit of ridiculous whimsy. I was just in the mood to write some cinquain, and when I put my fingers to my keyboard, this is what came out.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBER edited for blog



I stood
On mountain top
And called out loud, “Hello,
I’m looking for my one true love;”
Then heard:

I’m looking for
My one true love.”  — Oh, joy!
My heart was sure I’d found my love
At last.

And so
I called again
And once again reply
Came loud and strong; that lovely song
Came back.

So then
I walked around
But stopped on ev’ry side
And called my heart’s desire and heard

I spent the day
And grew quite hoarse in throat
But never found the love who called
To me.



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Seasonal Cinquain



I don’t like it.
If I had my own way,
It would be relegated to
One month.

I feel the same
About this season too.
If only I could make the call —
One month.

Well it’s quite nice.
The fragrances so sweet,
Gentle breezes, warm sun, new life —
Two months.

My favorite!
Skies crystal blue, crisp air,
Gold leaves, spice scents, and holidays —
Eight months!





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Daily Post Prompt: Polish

My Polish grandmother & my dad

I am Polish and Bulgarian,
Scotch, and Cherokee.
It took a lot of different folks
To make me into me.
But I don’t waste time digging
Back into my family
To find my roots and focus
On separate ethnicity.
I’m just so very grateful
I was born where I could be
A citizen of U. S A.
American — that’s me!


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Daily Post Prompt: Distant

`ROAD UPHILL. w. credits w. bloom color
There’s a distant place that’s waiting.
I can hear it call my name.
And a distant dream that’s birthing;
Everything’s about to change.
I’ve been dragging, worn and weary,
Scarred by failure in the past,
But a distant song is calling,
And I’m finding strength at last.
No, I don’t deny I’ve fallen,
Gotten up, then failed again.
But I hear a distant promise:
“Never quit, and you will win.”

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Daily Post Prompt: Reprieve

WOMAN AT COMPUTER - HAPPYYesterday I got to thinking
What a mistake I’d be making
To proceed with plans of taking
Vows of marriage to that man.

So I pondered how to fix it —
How I could politely nix it —
It befuddled me, I’ll admit.
Could not come up with a plan.

But an e-mail came today,
And now everything’s okay.
For reprieve he’s made the way:
He eloped with his friend Stan.


D. P. Prompt: Reprieve



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Coffee Thursday 5/25/17


I’m getting a late start on this week’s “Coffee Thursday” post, and I actually missed last week altogether. Life is just too, too busy right now. In light of that fact, I think I’d better make this week the last “Coffee Thursday” for a while. Maybe when things slow down a little, I’ll bring you some more posts on the “elixir of life.”

In the meantime, here’s a happy “coffee thought” for you.


“Oh Taste and See That the Lord Is Good” (Psalm 34: 8)

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
His blessings, they are rich and warm.
His presence gives forth an aroma so fresh;
A weary soul He can transform.
He’s just like a good cup of coffee — it’s true;
Quite stimulating and upbeat.
Robust and bold, yet quiet and smooth,
Like coffee, He’s the perfect treat.

Yes, I know I took a little liberty with this scripture, but I happen to know God has a sense of humor too.





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Love Qualms? – Daily Post Prompt



Got any qualms about falling in love?
Well, take it from me – an old lady.
There’s just nothing like it when it’s the real thing.
It’s super, and I don’t mean maybe.

If you and your mate share a genuine love —
The kind that puts each other first —
It makes all the difference in living this life,
When things are at best or at worst.

There’s comfort and coziness, smooches and hugs
And help with decisions galore.
And though aggravations creep in now and then,
It’s still good to share all the chores.

So if you’ve been given a chance to share love,
Don’t wonder and waver and wait.
Cast off your qualms and lift up your head;
With courage embrace your soul’s mate.


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Reflections in Cinquain – Daily Post Prompt


My photo of the moon overlaid with a little graphic art


Moon glow
Comes from sun glow:
Burning orb of daylight
Shines covertly on reflector
At night.

Come from sunbeams
Stretching, reaching to touch
Reflecting face of ev’ning moon:
Night light.


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Think Pink! – Daily Post Prompt


A bit of Pink Cinquain to brighten your day:

Think pink
When skies are gray,
When troubles weigh you down;
Make a decision to rejoice:
Think pink!



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It’s So Great to Be in Love?


Oh, I wish I were in love.
How I love to be in love!
It’s so great to be in love —
Until you’re dumped.

Oh, but love is so exciting,
With emotions all igniting,
In the favored one delighting —
‘Til you’re dumped.

I believed in sweet romance,
Loving arms in which to dance,
Titillated by a glance —
Then I got dumped.

Now, I’m not so sure of love,
It’s so hard real love to prove,
And if I don’t fall in love —
I can’t get dumped!

Perhaps I should let my faithful readers know that this poem is not based on a true story. Actually it grew out of a brief experience I had today when I turned on the car radio and heard a song from my high school days. It took me instantly back to a restaurant where I was enjoying some time with a guy I “thought” I was semi-in-love with. He never did allow the relationship to develop into anything serious, and for a short time, I was unhappy. However, by 5 years later, I was thanking God that I never got into anything more serious with him than a mere friendship. I do pity his wife a good deal. But as I thought about that experience, I just sat down to write a poem about how we tend to fall in love with love sometimes, and — well — this is what I ended up with.



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My Poetic Sin

It is my sin:
To take the easy way.
No rhyming and no meter strong.

But still
I plead my case.
It gives me more than joy.
It disciplines my use of words:
Aids skill.

So now,
My guilt assuaged,
I’m free to give myself
To writing even more cinquain.


I discovered recently that I have written so much cinquain over the past two years that I have enough to do a book of nothing but original cinquain.
So, I just might.



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The Scent of You – Daily Post Prompt


The scent of you —
When first I wake to greet the day —
The warm, intoxicating pleasure of your fragrance touch:
It triggers tiny conflagrations deep inside of me
That spark a thousand more responses and then rush
To touch my mind. And then my senses come alive —
Each one:  to taste, to hear, to touch, to see, to smell.
It is your smell that lingers, captivating all of me —
Throughout the day, constantly reminding me —
The sweet scent of the only one I’ll ever love so well.

♥ ♥ ♥

Daily Post Prompt

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Coffee Thursday 4/27/17

A short Coffee post today. It’s a really busy time for me, but I do still love my coffee. Don’t forget: you’re invited to post about coffee on your site and paste your link into the “Comments” windows below — anytime this week.



I joined the queue outside the door,
Just after 6:00 a.m.
The morning sun had chased the fog,
But warmth was pretty thin.
My breath formed steam each time I spoke,
And pockets warmed my hands.
I yearned for coffee, hot and strong,
A large cup — maybe Grande.
We inched along with moderate speed,
And soon I stood inside.
The fresh aroma brought a smile;
It’s tantalizing tide
Mingled with the cozy sounds
Of orders glorified:
Venti Frappucino – Tall
Mocha Latte – Grande.
Americano, Cappucinno,
Really, there’s no end.
At last, I stood before the bar;
The young barista frowned.
He know I’d order coffee – plain.
No whip, no froth — just brown.