NaPoWriMo – Day 6 – ‘Cutting It Close’



Tongue in cheek, everyone. I know it isn’t quite playing by the rules, but when you’re out of time, you have to ad lib.





If I don’t write a poem today, ’twill be a pity.
But I’m so tired and worn it’s hard to think.
Perhaps if I just hum awhile, I’ll find a ditty.
I feel as though I am right on the brink.

So tra-lala-lala-lala-lala-lala;
Now, just a few more words I need to rhyme.
At last: a poem, just in the nick of time!



NaPoWriMo: Check it out and join the fun.







NaPoWriMo – Day 5 — ‘Hideaway’


Well, I missed writing a poem for Day 4 of NaPoWriMo, but I just can’t get everything into the same 24 hours. However, I have one for Day 5. You will find it below the picture.


Give me a private hideaway,
Where quiet is amplified,
No harsh intrusions of busy worlds,
Just nature, satisfied.

Give me a private hideaway,
With warm, sun-dappled light,
Where solitude croons to my soul:
There I’ll find myself aright.









NaPoWriMo – Day 3 — The Flood


We are now to Day 3 of NaPoWriMo, and since our hostess insists that the prompts on the host site are completely optional — and that we are free to write any poem we choose — I have taken the liberty again today to write a poem that I had in my heart.  We have had a whole afternoon and evening of stormy weather and much flash flooding in our area. That situation caused me to feel so much for those who are dealing with fast-rising waters that this poem just rose up in my soul. You will find it just below the picture.



Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
We must lead all the horses from the barn.
Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
Find the cow and calf so they don’t come to harm.

Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
Collect all mother’s quilts and hand crochet.
Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
We don’t have much time left in which to get away.

Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
Wrap up the photos and the Bible dear.
Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
We must not take the time right now to shed our tears.

Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
This old beloved home may not last long.
Hurry, Tilly, the water’s rising;
But we’ll still have each other safe, and our love’s strong.






NaPoWriMo – Day 2 — The Locket

Day # 2 of NaPoWriMo gave us a prompt that called for a poem based on a myth. But I just couldn’t seem to get my muse in gear for anything mythical, so I hunted up a part of a poem that I started writing almost a year ago. For some reason, I just never could seem to finish it, but I decided that today was going to be the day. I guess my muse was okay with a poem about love, so here it is – just below the picture.





I found a locket nestled 'neath a tree.
It sparkled, and it twinkle, and it surely winked at me.

It looked forlorn, forgotten, skimmed with dew,
And I felt an intruder as I wondered what to do.

At last I reached and plucked it from the grass.
The chain was fragile – I could tell – and had a broken clasp.

A lovey heart, engraved on back and front,
Showed me it was a gift of love that someone still would want.

I opened it with tender, loving care,
And found, all safe and snug inside, a single lock of hair.

The curly tress was of the darkest brown,
And I felt so entranced by this small mystery I'd found.

But I was in a quandary what to do:
How to locate the rightful owner I had not a clue.

Then finally I thought, “I'll advertise,
and if the owner sees my ad, there'll be a nice surprise.”

I tucked it in my pocket, nice and warm,
And, eager to relay my news, I headed quickly home.

I couldn't help but sing a little song,
So happy I could have a part in helping love along.








NaPoWriMo – Day 1 – Contemplations on “The Last Supper”


This piece is part of my involvement with NaPoWriMo.  The site suggested a prompt for the very early hours of April 1st, aimed at those poets who live in countries where the day began many hours before it did for the hostess of the site.  I liked that prompt, so I decided to use it for my poem even though I live in the midwestern U. S., and April 1st came much later for me than it did for most of the world.

This particular prompt was to write an ekphrastic poem — a piece inspired by or about a work of art. It was a real challenge for me, and I enjoyed every minute of working on it.

You can check out the rules and jump into the fun here:  NaPoWriMo (The National Poetry Month challenge to write a poem every day for the 30 days of April).

Contemplations on Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper

Behold the blessed, holy convocation,
Preserved for us to ponder as we gaze.
In transient elements, the artist painted
Eternal substance; impartations that amaze.
We look upon the faces art has captured
As loved disciples try to understand
The Master’s words; He speaks of sacrifices
And of His blood and body freely given for man.

Their eyes – so full of love, yet consternation,
Trying to grasp full meaning of this meal.
All other Passovers remembered history,
But now the sacrifice sits here with them, so real.

In colors both subdued and yet alive,
The artist welcomes me to come join in
Our Lord’s last supper and His revelation:
He’ll now go forth to pay the price for all my sin.