Getting Off Course — Tso’i Poetry

PATH TO TOP OF HILL -- Kanenori - px

I wandered
Off familiar pathways.
The more I walked off-course the more I then pondered:
How, stuck in ruts, our lives
We squander.



picture courtesy of Kanenori @




Mockingbird Tso’i

The new poetic form I created last year (Tso’i) is still a challenge for me, but I’m finding it easier and easier to write in that form. This week I created two Tso’i, one for my “Ahyoka” poetry site and one for here. Today’s poem is a celebration of the return of my Mockingbirds to nest in my big Blue Spruce in my front yard. Yay!

mockingbird -- skeeze -- px

Welcome home,
Mockingbird family.
Each year you nest with me, but then abroad you roam.
I wait expectantly;
Now you’ve come!




photo courtesy of Skeeze