Musical Memories That Ebb and Flow Like the Tide

Today’s Daily Post prompt: tide  brought back memories of a popular singing duo from the 1960’s and early ’70’s. The Righteous Brothers (actually two unrelated young men: Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield) topped the music charts a number of times. One of their well-remembered songs was “Ebb Tide”. It never rose to the heights thatContinue reading “Musical Memories That Ebb and Flow Like the Tide”

A Parallel Love Story?

There is a theory espoused by some that there is actually a parallel/alternate experience of life that is running concurrently with the one we are aware of, and that if we could become aware of it as well, it would give us the experiences to which our alternate choices had opened the door. Of course,Continue reading “A Parallel Love Story?”

Plumbing the Depths of ‘Inchoate’

The Daily Post Prompt today is the word inchoate. It’s a word I never use. In fact, I consider it a rather worthless word. But when I saw it, I was consumed with a sudden desire to see just how many useful words I could make from it. So here goes. If you readers findContinue reading “Plumbing the Depths of ‘Inchoate’”

During the Lecture

The lecture finally came to an end about 9:20 p.m.  That was almost an hour longer than it should have lasted. I hadn’t realized that there would be so much time in which to carry out my plan, or I would have gone about things much more leisurely. Professor Thomas Crenshaw was known for beingContinue reading “During the Lecture”

Why is WordPress De-Railing Our Readers?

What is it with WordPress’ sending readers to a page that is NOT OUR ACTUAL BLOG SITE? Have you noticed that when you see the posts in your Reader,  and click on the post title, WP does NOT take you to the post on that person’s blog?  They take you to a generic page thatContinue reading “Why is WordPress De-Railing Our Readers?”

Don’t Blink

  “Remember, Ronnie. Don’t blink. If you blink, it’s all over.” Those words pounded through my brain right before I took a seat in front of the webcam, preparing to look into the eyes of the most evil scientific mind on the planet. But I knew I had to cleanse those words from my brain.Continue reading “Don’t Blink”

Darkness vs. Light

A mile out from shore, the ocean was a vast, undulating, lead-gray blanket. But as the currents approached the beach that held them in check by the decree of God, the waves became gentle, but persistent swirls of iridescent silver. As they washed against the land, their substance danced high into the air as ifContinue reading “Darkness vs. Light”

Young Man, Be Wary of Winsome Maiden

She had a winsome smile and quite a winsome way. Her voice so musical refreshed the air. Her winsome little dimple and her twinkling eyes of blue Caught all the young and callow fellows unaware. She’d capture their attention neatly, one by one. And beckon each to step within her door And sample tastes ofContinue reading “Young Man, Be Wary of Winsome Maiden”

Christmas is Calling

Calling?   Did you say create a post about “Calling”???  Well, that is absolutely perfect timing, because it just so happens that my Christmas website: Merry Christmas World!, is located at a domain address with the words “christmas is calling” as the main part of the address. So —— my post today is to provide aContinue reading “Christmas is Calling”

Chocolate for Christmas – Day 1

I enjoyed doing the coffee quotes so much in October that I decided to take Christmas week to focus on chocolate in a similar way.  So here’s my offering for Day 1: a chocolate cinquain. It’s bliss To think about. Even more bliss to taste. I just can’t seem to get enough: Choc’late!    Continue reading “Chocolate for Christmas – Day 1”

Leonard Takes Life by the Antlers

  “Nicholas, is something troubling you this evening?” asked Lydia Claus, pausing in her embroidery work. “Hmmmm?” Nick made the sound without shifting his gaze from the flames in the fireplace. “I asked what’s wrong, Dear. You haven’t been your jolly self for almost two days.” Nick sighed, finally looking across at his wife inContinue reading “Leonard Takes Life by the Antlers”