100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups – # 86 — ‘Decisions’

This week’s 100-Word story challenge from Julia is the following phrase:     ” … the queue was so long …” 

We have to create a story with 100 words, plus this phrase. To join the fun visit Julia here: http://jfb57.wordpress.com/.

My story is four words over the limit, but you will find it below:



The queue was so long!  I was already doubting my decision.  

If I stood here much longer, I might change my mind. I didn’t want to change my mind.

I knew Roger loved me, and our life was good.  He’d begged me not to go.  But I couldn’t stop wondering … what would have happened if I’d made different decisions?  What life would I have …?

And when Dr. DeCamp taught the class on alternate lives — and explained that those lives were actually running concurrent to this one — and that there was a way to transfer into those lives — I decided.

But … now … every minute in line required a NEW decision!