Look Out for the Arrows!

` YAY!!!!! Finally! A QUIVER FULL OF ARROWS is finally available in paperback at Amazon. An author is by her books the way a mother is by her children: she never really has favorites. However, if I were forced to choose only one of my 12 novels as a favorite, I think it would haveContinue reading “Look Out for the Arrows!”

‘Releasing the Creative Writer in You’ – Lesson 6

To access other lessons in this series, click on “Creative Writing Class” in the navigation bar and scroll through to find the lessons you need. LESSON # 6: BODY MOVEMENT AND DIALOGUE MAKE A STORY COME ALIVE As you develop your plot, remember to use as much dialogue and body movement as possible to helpContinue reading “‘Releasing the Creative Writer in You’ – Lesson 6”

Hey … There’s a Book Sale Going On!

My novel A Quiver Full of Arrows is on sale this week at the Kindle store on Amazon for only $.99.  That’s a savings of $2.00.  It will go back to list price in 6 days, 10 hours, and 51 minutes (from the time of this post). It’s a story packed with delightful characters, God’sContinue reading “Hey … There’s a Book Sale Going On!”

Get Ready! ‘Quiver’ Is Going On Sale — $.99

A Quiver Full of Arrows, one of my most recent inspirational digital novels is going on sale. Beginning Saturday, August 29, you can buy ‘Quiver’ for only $.99. The sale lasts for 72 hours (beginning 8:00 a.m. U.S. Pacific Time): All day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. On Tuesday, the price increases to $1.99 — whichContinue reading “Get Ready! ‘Quiver’ Is Going On Sale — $.99”