Thoughts On Thanksgiving – Day 8




Pilgrims reached the blessed shore,
But bitter winters were in store.
Death and anguish played their part.
Still, ’twas with a thankful heart
That they gathered to expound
Upon the God whose gifts abound.

We, who in their footsteps trod,
Though they lie beneath the sod,
Now do take the lesson learned
From their lives, and, in our turn,
We prepare to thank and praise;
To that same God our anthems raise.

And just as they faced troubled days,
Through hardships grievous made their ways,
So, now, such grievous times we face,
That ne’er before have taken place.
Yet from their lesson we take heart
And lift our songs with grateful hearts.

We will not bow to troubled thoughts,
Nor in the throes of fear be caught,
We have too rich a heritage.
So with forefathers we engage
To praise and sing and laugh and play
And celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you for sharing this Thanksgiving series of posts with me for the past 8 days. I hope all of you are having — or have had — a most blessed day of celebration. And for those in other nations, I hope your harvest celebrations — whatever name they go by — are blessed and happy.



Prompt Nights # 21: Dancing

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I wish I could dance in your arms again,
As we did in Richmond and drank champagne,
Before you left for the battle’s fray,
Handsome and sure in your rebel gray,
Proud to be a Confederate son,
Anxious to get the victory won.

I wish I could dance in your arms again
And hear once more the song’s refrain,
And feel your breath on my blushing cheek.
How often my heart those memories seeks.
Those glorious antebellum days
Are gone — with all their gracious ways.

For guns and spears and rivers of blood —
Though all were spent — yielded no good.
And in those brutal wounds of war
The truth at last we finally saw:
Our gallant men and Southland slain.
I’ll never dance in your arms again.

I wish I could dance in your arms again.


Photo courtesy of Bonnie Blue Publishing Free Confederate Clip Art