Remembering/Mourning/Repenting/Praying We Really Do Care Enough To Prevent A Repeat

This video is part of an article by Joe Carter: “9 Things You Should Know About Auschwitz and Nazi Extermination Camps.”

A powerful and much needed article. But there’s something else we need to be reminded of. What they do not tell in this piece is that when Hitler began his take-over of the German people (In preparation for the carrying out of these horrible plans) almost every segment of society, including churches and religious leaders supported him. He convinced them — with his charismatic, persuasive verbage — that all the people would be much better off if he had more control of the government — and he gradually took over more and more of the daily life of the whole society, couching everything he did in “politically correct” language so that all the main components of society would follow and support him. When they finally woke up to what he was really doing, it was too late to stop him. Any of this sound familiar to anyone anywhere in the present-day world????