Special Award To Cee Neuner

This post is specifically to give a special (no-rules-attached) award to blogging photographer Cee Neuner for her creative-fun photo  of a roll of toilet paper.
Now admittedly, I am presenting this award with “tongue in cheek,” but Cee is an extremely talented photographer, and if you have not visited her site, you should. Her work is fantastic, and I think she deserves recognition. Besides, the funny side of me just could not resist making special note of work that goes into realms most photographers leave untested.
You’ll find the photo, along with others, at the link connected to her name above.

And as stated in parentheses, there are absolutely no rules attached with this award. I do not believe in awards with rules, because the person receiving that honor has already earned it fully.




Award Rebels

semper-fidelis-awardHey, I got a treat today: Gerry, (Sitting on the Porch, Rocking Away the Blues) and I are both what one might call award rebels. We believe in giving awards to other bloggers because they have done great work, been inspiring, or added some other positive dimension to the world of their readers. But we DO NOT believe in attaching a bunch of rules to those awards that the recipients must comply with. We figure if someone deserves an award, then they have already done everything they need to do. So we have decided that we will accept awards — and gladly so — ONLY if it’s understood that we do so on our own terms (which we consider much more sensible and friendly).

Since I know his heart in the matter is similar to mine, I am able to accept awards from Gerry and enjoy them. That is what I am doing today. This particular award says a lot, as far as I’m concerned. The title of the award is “Semper Fidelis.” That term is the official motto of the United States Marine Corps, and was one of the primary mottoes my dad lived by all of his life — faithful to God, faithful to his wife, faithful to his children, faithful to his nation, faithful to his employers, and faithful to his friends. And I, of course, was brought up to live by the same motto.  

So this award touches on that part of my life. But it offers something else. In the explanatory notation on the award, “May you never howl alone,” I find a fun way of saying that friendship and faithfulness to it are so important in life. And sending someone this wish is just a creative and light-hearted way of saying I’m wishing you faithful friends to be with you in every phase of your life — good, bad, and indifferent. Because when we are happy and laughing, we need someone to share it; when we are sad and crying in pain, we need the same; and when we are just aggravated, bored, or generally out of sorts — and need to howl at the moon — we need a friend to howl with.

So with this acceptance post, I send my thanks to Gerry, and I offer this award to any and all of my faithful readers who have also become faithful friends via Cyberspace. If you would like to receive this award yourself, please accept it and post it to your own site as my way of sending you this friendship wish: “May you never howl alone.” If you’d then like to pass it on to others, feel free to do so. I’m also passing it on to one of my great writing friends who does not blog, but is active on Facebook. Her online name is “Lone Wolf,” and I think she needs this wish as well.

I probably should add that if you hear someone howling today, it might be yours truly — or it might be Gerry!




CLOSE-UP WEB - SANDY # 1Hey, Blogging Friends, I’d like to do some straightforward talking about blog awards.  During my time at WordPress, I have been the happy recipient of a number of awards and have gladly passed them on to other very worthy bloggers. And just this past week two other blogging friends graciously nominated me for new awards:
Gerry at http://cobbies69.wordpress.com/  and
LubbyGirl at  http://remissionary.wordpress.com/.

I had just finished the very involved tasks of following the rules of accepting an award two weeks prior to that, and I simply did not have the time — with all my other online responsibilities — to accept and follow all of the rules accompanying those two new ones. I felt bad, but — you know what — the truth is that I should not have to feel bad, because the problem here is not of my making.

I’ve found that several of my blogging friends are in the same situation. And most of those people have felt terribly frustrated because they do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings by turning down the award or by explaining their own feelings. A few have already determined to just turn down any awards at all because they know they cannot deal with all the work involved. So I’ve decided that it’s time we see these facts in black and white here on our WordPress platform.

It’s not that we are not honored to be considered so kindly by our peers. It’s just that there is an inordinate amount of work involved in acceptance rules: answering all the questions, determining who should be a new recipient, visiting every one of their blogs to scour them carefully to make sure they do not already have that award, notifying them, and then making sure to put a link to everyone’s site on our own. It is not that those bloggers are not worth that effort. That is not the case.  The point is, quite frankly, that the awards themselves are not worth all that effort.  And here’s why I feel that way.

While I understand that the idea of passing on the awards and posting the links is based on the attempt to help us get to know more bloggers and interact with them, the truth is that if any person is worthy of an award — for any reason — then he is worthy of receiving that award without having to perform any other tasks in order to accept it. He either earned the award or he did not. Period. And there are many other ways to encourage bloggers to interact with new bloggers. Some of us have simply posted lists of several blogs that we find worthy of attention and encouraged others to visit them. Or we re-blog articles from other sites. That accomplishes the same purpose without causing the bloggers themselves to have to “work” for the honor we’ve paid them. They have already done that.

I’m never sure who originated these awards. And everyone who receives an award feels obligated to keep obeying every rule, so the people we have received awards from in the past year probably have nothing at all to do with making those rules. It’s worth stating again that I feel sure that the original awarders had in mind trying to get more interaction among folks in the blogging family. But people who become very popular in that family sometimes find themselves with so many awards that they have no time for their own blogging responsibilities because of having to do all the work involved in accepting those awards. Well, I think it’s time we admitted that this situation is based on faulty reasoning and needs to be changed.

So — hoping that all of you can understand my heart in this matter — I am announcing that, as of today, I am not going to be accepting any more awards that require me to comply with a list of rules and extra work in order to receive them. The problem  has to stop somewhere, and for me it stops here. However, I fully intend to continue promoting blogs that I find a blessing and encouraging others to visit them. And, frankly, I have in mind a couple of awards that I want to grant to others in the future, but they will be in honor of the fine work they are already doing — without requiring anything else of them.

Please know that I am truly grateful to all of you who have considered me worthy of an award. And please be assured that, if I nominated you for awards, it was because I genuinely believed you deserved them. However, I will not be accepting or passing on any future award unless it is one that has no strings attached.

Please feel free to comment in agreement or disagreement and let others know how you feel on the subject.




Genuine Blogger Award

 On April 17th Colline from “Colline’s Blog,” nominated me for the Genuine Blogger Award.  I am touched at her thoughtfulness, and I feel bad that it took me this long to get the post up and pass the nomination along to other bloggers.  I have to plead a very pressed and stressed week and a computer that is even now having a hard time  dealing with all I ask it to do (a problem with the memory). But here I am, finally.

Be sure to go over and visit Colline’s Blog.  She is most definitely a “genuine blogger,” and one of the most versatile bloggers I’ve met on here.  You may find almost any subject at all in her posts.  Very interesting and down-to-earth.

The rules for accepting this award require me to tell my readers 7 random things about myself and then, of course, pay the honor forward by nominating 7 other bloggers for the Genuine Blogger Award as well.  So many of my blogging friends already have so many awards, I will try to be sure I choose from those who do not already have this one.

Seven Random Things About Me:

  1. I am a Christian who is very serious about my relationship with the Lord.
  2. I am the world’s greatest fan of chocolate.
  3. I also love peanut butter, potatoes, cheese, and bread. (How many food groups can I get credit for with these items?)
  4. I have been a keyboard musician most of my life.
  5. I am 64 and proud of it – as long as I can color my hair.
  6. I am happiest when I am writing or when I am teaching the Word of God to people who want to know more about Him.
  7. I am a happy composite of Scottish, Bulgarian, Polish, and Cherokee lineage.

Now for my nominations for the Genuine Blogger Award.  All of these bloggers are people whom I consider sincere people who appreciate their opportunity to blog and be a part of the WordPress blogging community — as I do.  I’m listing them in no particular order.  All of them are great, and I encourage my readers to check them out.

1. A Walk In The Word: http://awalkintheword.wordpress.com/

2. Lucid Gypsy: http://lucidgypsy.wordpress.com/

3. Poetry of Dennis N. O’Brien: http://dnobrienpoetry.wordpress.com/

4. The Bard On The Hill: http://thebardonthehill.wordpress.com/

5. Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures:

6. Cyan Skies: http://nando67.wordpress.com/

7. The Dorset Rambler: http://thedorsetrambler.com/

8. Pure Glory: http://pureglory.net/

The rules for accepting the award are pretty simple:

Post an article stating that you have been nominated and include the name and link to the blogger who nominated you.

You should also include the logo of the award on your post, and in your sidebar (or on a permanent page) so that everyone who visits your site will know that you have won the award.

Tell your readers seven random things about yourself.

Pass the honor forward by nominating seven other bloggers that you feel deserve the award. Include links to their blogs in your post. ( I know I have chosen 8 instead of 7, but they are all deserving.)

Notify those seven bloggers that you have nominated them.

There is no time limit for passing on the award. So if you don’t know very many bloggers yet, just go ahead and post the award on your site and nominate the few that you feel fit that category.  You can always add more later after you get to know them.