Share Your World, 2014 – Week 39

Visit Cee’s Share Your World Page to find out how to participate.  The more the merrier.

Question # 1:  Did you ever get lost?

Yes, once I had to cover a newspaper story at a small church in a rather small town about 60 miles away from my home. The state highway that I had to take for several miles was joined by the road that led to this little town and required a turn to the right. That little town was named Carrier Mills.  Now about 10 miles before the turn-off to Carrier Mills was a turn to the right that led to another little town about the same size — but named Creole Springs.

So I was tooling along on this sunny morning, enjoying the crisp winter day and thinking my own thoughts. It’s that last part that got me into trouble. I was thinking my own thoughts instead of the thoughts I should have been thinking, and when I came to the light and the turn to the right that said Creole Springs, I turned right, just as pretty as you please, and kept driving.

About fifteen minutes later, I found myself in the middle of a little town that didn’t look right at all.  And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find the street I needed to turn on to get to the church. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone for a while, and then suddenly noticed a sign that said Creole Springs on it, and the truth hit me — hard. What to do?????

Bright girl that I am, I decided I’d go to the post office and inquire as to what was the best route out of town that would head me toward Carrier Mills. But I had forgotten momentarily that it was Saturday, and the post office was closed. Well, of course, I prayed. And I prayed some more, because, let me tell you, I wasn’t just lost. I was LOST lost.

But as I sat there on the post office parking lot, another car drove up, and I got out and asked that driver for help. He was able to point me in the right direction and was even kind enough to tell me that I would begin to think I would never find the right turn-off because the road seemed to run forever. He was right. But I did find it, and I will never forget the enormous relief at seeing a sign that told me I was at least in the right county and headed in the right direction.

Amazingly enough, I was only about 15 minutes late to the service I was supposed to cover.

Question # 2:  Who was your best friend in elementary school?  

Now, this is a hard one, because I’m thankful to say that I had several good friends as I went through elementary school. And since I lived in three different places during my elementary years, that’s saying a lot. But I’ll tell you about my first REAL boyfriend — in 6th grade. His name was Jimmy Kirk (hope he doesn’t mind my telling the whole world),  and we were in love. He bought me the first necklace I had ever received from a boy, and he also bought me my very first box of Valentine candy — and a fairly large box at that. Believe it or not, at age 66, I still have that box.  I guess it is true that you never really forget your first love.

Question # 3:  Since the new television season has started in the U. S. , name three favorite television shows. 

At the risk of sounding snobbish, I will be honest. I can’t stand 99% of the television programs that are airing currently — or that have aired for the past 10 years in the U. S.  I do, however, still love many of the old TV sitcoms that I grew up with, and, thanks to the Internet, I can find virtually all of them online. So I watch those. My favorites?  Too many to list, but three right at the top are “The Andy Griffith Show,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

Question # 4:  If you were a mouse in your house in the evening, what would you see your family doing?

Well I am SO, SO, SO grateful to say that, after living on a farm where we had herds of mice, I have had only one tiny mouse in my house in town for the past 16 years. I was sorry to have to kill him, but I did it anyway. I actually have a friend who tried to shame me for killing the mouse the week of Christmas — like it would have made a difference to the mouse if I had waited until New Year’s Day! I hate mice so badly, that I will not even imagine them in my house, so that’s the best answer you’re going to get from me on this question.

Bonus Questions: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

This past week I went clothes shopping — not for fun but because so many of my things have become sort of threadbare. I actually found some things that fit me.  Now, that may sound like a small thing, since I’m not some abnormal size and I’m only a little overweight. But the way they make things these days is crazy, and I seldom find things that actually fit my whole body correctly.

Next week I am looking forward to a break in my normal work schedule and some time just for me in a place I love.