A Morning’s Adventure for Blackie Bird & His Family

Today NaPoWriMo asked us to write a poem that is a conversation. It sounded like a fun thing to do, but I didn’t have any time to sit down to my computer and create one.  However, thinking about the challenge brought back to my memory a story I did a couple years ago that focuses on conversation in a bird family. So I pulled it out of the archives, dusted it off, and re-posted it. True, it is not a poem, but it’s so doggone cute maybe no one will notice.


Mama … we’re hungry!”
Yeah, we’re hungry.”
“Just hold on, kids. I’ll check on Dad’s progress.”

Honey, I thought I’d better come and see if you’d found anything yet.”
Not yet. Those dang Cardinals grab everything in sight!”
(Sigh) “I know. They think just because they’re so splendid to look at they should get the best of everything.”
Hey, look — two worms! I’ll grab ’em.”

Oh, Honey, look out!  Kitty-Kitty’s comin’ at you at 2:00!”
“I see him, but if I fly off, I’ll lose the worms to the Bluejays.”
“What can we do?  Oh, wait. I see Barn-a-Bee on the roses. Call him to come help.”

Hey, Barn-a-Bee, Kitty-Kitty’s crouched to attack. Help me, quick!”CAT # 1 - cropped
On my way.  Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….”

Great hit, Barn-a-Bee!  Right on the nose. Kitty-Kitty won’t be back in this direction for a while. Thanks, old pal. I owe you one.”