Anticipation Is For Grownups

  I recently visited one of my great-nephews to help celebrate his birthday. He turned 7 this week, with all the excitement and expectation that involves. I knew before going that I would barely get into the room before he eagerly grabbed the bag with his gift and started digging into it. And I certainlyContinue reading “Anticipation Is For Grownups”

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to “Sandra Conner … By the Book”!  Yes, it has been one whole year today. I know that because February 1st is my personal birthday as well.  I had not deliberately planned to begin my third blog on my birthday, but it worked out that way.  As I was posting my “About” pageContinue reading “Happy Birthday!”

Ignoring The Call

a poem by Sandra Conner Middle age is calling me, But I just cannot go. I have too much of childhood left, So much that I don’t know. Why, I still love to color And to play with paper dolls. I still delight in bubble pipes And bouncing rubber balls. Ah, middle age is callingContinue reading “Ignoring The Call”