Letter To Naughty Nita — Daily Post Prompt: Sympathy

  Dear Nita, I simply have no sympathy for you. You’ve played loose and wild for many years. Stolen hearts and broken homes amassed; You’ve been the fear of many wives for years. I simply have no sympathy for you. In my opinion — and in those I hear — You’ve fin’ly gotten justice rightlyContinue reading “Letter To Naughty Nita — Daily Post Prompt: Sympathy”

‘As I Sat On The Bus’ Writing Challenge: Week of 6/23/13

AS CODY SAT ON THE BUS As Cody sat on the cracked seat at the back of the bus, jostled by the jerky movement of the nearly worn-out vehicle, he couldn’t get her off his mind. He kept seeing her smile, hearing her throaty laugh at his flimsy excuse for jokes. He could still feelContinue reading “‘As I Sat On The Bus’ Writing Challenge: Week of 6/23/13”

Friday Fictioneers – 6/28/13 — ‘Racing for a Second Chance’

RACING FOR A SECOND CHANCE Lungs burning, gulping breath, she could hardly see. Keep running: her mantra. The bus was gaining speed rapidly. Keep running. Have to catch it! Have to stop him! Best thing in whole life … How could I …? But submission to her family’s pride was a life-long habit – nearlyContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 6/28/13 — ‘Racing for a Second Chance’”

Daily Post Writing Challenge: Starting Over

Sometimes “starting over” is as simple as letting go of something that has been usurping one’s focus and direction for too long. That’s the subject of this original poem. LET HIM GO Let him go. It’s time to admit you’ve been a fool And take possession back of your own soul. At first encounter YouContinue reading “Daily Post Writing Challenge: Starting Over”