If We Care Enough . . .


I know people — and I’ve read much about others — who are stuck in a terribly hurtful, life-destroying situation, but seem to do nothing about getting out of it or changing it. So many of those people fail to act because they see themselves as victims — people who have no options. They feel they are just not brave enough to pay the price it might cost to effect real change. What they don’t understand is this truth:  A majority of the people in this world who have brought down evil, hurtful, life-destroying situations have not been brave people. They have been people who cared.

Sometimes taking a stand and fighting against what’s hurtful and wrong has nothing to do with courage. It has to do with caring enough to do the right thing.





Daily Post Prompt: Generous

The generous soul is rarely focused inward.
He constantly lifts eyes in search of one to bless.
And when he recognizes need or pain or emptiness,
He reaches deep within to find a way he can address
And help eliminate the need or the distress.
Exacting and expecting no reciprocation,
He simply pours out of his generousness.

Daily Post Prompt: Generous