The Sky Is Falling???

Illustration for “Chicken Little” during early 1900’s.

I think of Chicken Little
When I hear the world is doomed.
It would seem the sky is falling,
And there’s nothing left but gloom.

Disaster by disaster,
It’s reported in the news,
And mega-media stars now
Wailing out their liberal blues.

Seems it’s all the fault of one man
No one thought could ever be
Sitting in the oval office
Working hard to keep us free.

Life was out of balance
And it was an ugly sight:
Illegals, Gays, and Muslims
Were the only ones with rights.

Now suddenly we’re sitting
At a table that’s been turned,
And once again the average guy
Can get the rights he’s earned.

The honest business owner
Whose invested all he’s got
Again can have the freedom
To serve customers or not.

And the Christian workers
Who’ve been faithful employees
Have the same rights now as Muslims
For religious liberties.

And little helpless babies
Resting in their mother’s womb
Now have someone voting
That the womb is not a tomb.

Liberals, they are crying,
Running hateful, wild, and scared.
Chicken Littles all,
Warning that we should beware:

Running through the streets
Crying over what is past.
For them the sky is falling.
They have lost control at last.