Epiphany – in Cinquain

`   Sixth day. Epiphany: God manifests His love. His son has paid the price for sin For all. Rejoice! Emmanuel Has come to die then rise Again to give eternal life To all. Shout out! Epiphany Reveals the joyful news: The Christ has opened up the way To God. ~~~

The Real Hallowe’en Is A Holy Day

October 31 is a holy day. It is not a day to celebrate witches, goblins, vampires, and Satanic rituals. It is technically the eve of All Saints Day (November 1) — also known as “All Hallows” and “Hallowmas” — from the root word “hallowed” or “holy.” As the eve of “All Hallows,” October 31 cameContinue reading “The Real Hallowe’en Is A Holy Day”