Weekly Smile # 76

I’m posting a “smile” for Trent’s weekly invitational about “happy subjects” again this week. If you’d like to get involved hop over to his site and get the particulars. Today, I want to share a photo by a wonderful friend of mine who is a professional photographer in Wisconsin. Terry Valley and I have beenContinue reading “Weekly Smile # 76”

12 Days of Christmas Blessing: Day 5 — Our God is A Consuming Fire

Hebrews 12:29 says, “Our God is a consuming fire.” Let Him burn in you today. Let His fire burn out every root of disease and infirmity that has taken hold in your body. Think about how a raging fire – a “consuming” fire – literally devours and consumes every tree, every bush, every blade ofContinue reading “12 Days of Christmas Blessing: Day 5 — Our God is A Consuming Fire”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge : Early Bird

Sunrise pictures are my very favorites, so here are just a few of the “early bird” shots I’ve managed to capture — and every one of them from my own front porch. I even included some honest to goodness early birds at the tail end.  To participate in the challenge, visit the Daily Post.   ~~~