‘Releasing the Creative Writer in You’ – Lesson 2

To access other lessons in this series, click on “Creative Writing Class” in the navigation bar and scroll through to find the lessons you need.   LESSON # 2: IN THE BEGINNING Introductory Thoughts, Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, And Fun Ideas to Get You Started ` QUESTION: Where Do Good Writing Ideas Come From?Continue reading “‘Releasing the Creative Writer in You’ – Lesson 2”

3 Poems by Christian Authors Featured in the ‘Journal’

This is actually a re-blog from Debut Writers Journal, but the first re-blog did not work correctly, so I’m doing it this way.  Several of our creative writing students are Christians, and they like to write a lot about Jesus Christ and the things He’s revealed to them in their personal walk of faith. TheContinue reading “3 Poems by Christian Authors Featured in the ‘Journal’”

Highlighting a Student’s Story: ‘Kaw-liga Gets a Second Chance’

I’ve done a couple of posts on Kaw-liga — that unfortunate wooden Indian who became famous in Hank Williams’ internationally popular song by the same name. But recently one of my creative writing students did her own story about poor ol’ Kaw-liga, with a new twist, and since we just published her piece in theContinue reading “Highlighting a Student’s Story: ‘Kaw-liga Gets a Second Chance’”

I Have a Favor to Ask

Well, dear blogging buddies, I am writing this post to ask a favor of any of you who might have the time to visit a new blog. As most of you know, I teach creative writing classes for a local college, and this year we have decided to launch an experimental addition to our curriculum.Continue reading “I Have a Favor to Ask”