Do The Job You’ve Been Assigned

Thursday some of my daffodils were showing off their bright yellow bonnets and waving in the breeze. Friday, a heavy, merciless rain drenched them and beat them to the ground. That event was followed by cold temperatures again, after two weeks of spring-like weather.

But this scenario is not new — for me or my daffodils. In fact, almost every year, within a very few days of their blooming, the weather becomes mean and cold again and beats up on those innocent little flowers. But also every year, once the rain is passed, the brave little plants turn their heads back toward the sun and start straightening themselves out. Today, Saturday, almost all of them are standing tall and strong once again.

I wrote about that annual event a few years ago, and then shared the article on YouTube in a video. So today, since I’m celebrating the resurrection of my little daffodils again this year, I decided to give that little devotional video a second airing here on my website. I hope it’s a blessing to you.




Just Do It


These delightful daffodils — golden bells of sunshine — exploded in my back yard a day ago. They always come — regardless of what the weather man says. A friend told me today that she heard a winter-weather advisory for this area, and I responded that almost every year, as soon as my daffodils come up, then the weather turns mean and nasty and tries to beat them to the ground. But these daffodils represent life, and life keeps producing life — even in the very face of death.

I got to thinking, after talking to my friend, that these daffodils, like everything else God created, have a job to do. They are to push their way up out of the ground and grow straight and tall to announce that spring has come and new life is available. They do their job perfectly, regardless of any possible consequences.

So I’m taking a lesson from these little flowers, and I’m sharing that lesson with you: Don’t worry about whether anything or anyone else is doing what he’s supposed to do. And don’t look all around to see if all circumstances are in your favor. Just be faithful over what you have been assigned. If you have a job to do —- DO IT!