The Cinquain Mood Has Struck Again

The gun. I must work fast. I’ll have to hide it well. At least the deed is fin’lly done. I’m free. * Your hair! It’s a new cut? What do you call that style? What do I think?  Well – uh – I’d say – Unique! * Dasies Are happy flowers. My very favorites. Bright white petals; sunshineContinue reading “The Cinquain Mood Has Struck Again”

Sonel’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Nature

Just discovered Sonel’s challenge today and couldn’t wait to take part using these daisies that I photographed just two days ago. When I saw the challenge, I knew this was the photo I wanted to use. Daisies are my favorite flower in the whole world. There’s just something so pure about them, and the blackContinue reading “Sonel’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Nature”