Lenten Poems — week 2

SACRIFICE A crown, A diadem, A shackle placed upon the brow. Bestowed Contemptuously, And scarlet robe on shoulders bowed. The grief, The agony, The tortuous, mutilating pain. All born By Innocence To give me peace and health again. A cross, On Calvary: To execute the Father’s plan. A tomb, Now empty stands: He’s paid theContinue reading “Lenten Poems — week 2”

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

We don’t have to do anything to earn acceptance and love from the Creator of the universe. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemned the world;Continue reading “Happy Resurrection Day!!!”

Poems of Passion Week – Day 8 – ‘In Me’

  Are you buried deep in sorrow Over past and hurtful wounds? Has the weight of your own failures Left you feeling failure-doomed? Has the peril of the systems Of the economic sphere Left you beaten down and overwhelmed And buried under fear? Has the rampant spread of sickness, Diagnosis of sure death, Left youContinue reading “Poems of Passion Week – Day 8 – ‘In Me’”

Poems of Passion Week – Day 7 – ‘The Price is Paid’

  How deep and dark the grave in which they laid the Lord. And naught to give Him hope except the Father’s Word. But ’twas enough, for God had said, “When day three comes, You’ll rise with life anew and come again to Home.” Throughout the vigil, silence reigned and men did mourn. And inContinue reading “Poems of Passion Week – Day 7 – ‘The Price is Paid’”

Poems of Passion Week – Day 6 – ‘The Reason’

                    O, Lamb of God So pure, so holy, undefiled, You came so meekly, Vulnerable, a tiny child. You took our sin And took all of its consequence. You chose the cross, And on it your lifeblood was spent. But for what cause, When tempted inContinue reading “Poems of Passion Week – Day 6 – ‘The Reason’”

Poems of Passion Week – Day 3 – ‘Sufficient’

  Seized and stripped and slapped and spit upon, Scornful salutations; sorrow; shame; Satan stalks the Son of God and Son of Man: Scarlet stripes, scalding tears, searing pain; Search the scriptures; surely they the story tell: Insatiable evil strikes; the Lamb is slain. But surely, it’s my sins He bore, my sorrow, My sickness, myContinue reading “Poems of Passion Week – Day 3 – ‘Sufficient’”

Poems of Passion Week – Day 1

  Well, I started off okay with NaPoWriMo, but as the days progressed, I haven’t kept up my end of the challenge. I don’t think I need to make that one of my goals this year. However, I do have a similar goal, though shorter. I am setting myself the task, during Passion Week, ofContinue reading “Poems of Passion Week – Day 1”

Here Comes Jesus!

  “Here comes Jesus!” “Jesus of Nazareth is coming!” “Do you see Him yet?” “Here He comes!” “Here comes Jesus!” Excitement was rampant, and cries of “Hosanna” filled the air. Shouts of joy and triumph could be heard for miles along the road, and people rushed to lay palm branches and their personal garments asContinue reading “Here Comes Jesus!”

No Other Name

Jesus the Christ: “… There is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved.” (Acts 3:12). There is no other “religion” on the face of the earth — no other religious leader — no other dogma — no other doctrine — no other system of beliefContinue reading “No Other Name”

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week # 82

This week’s 100-word story prompt from Julia: ” … looking at all of that chocolate …” My story: CHOCOLATE IN THE NEWS “Hi!  S. Chocolate Bunny here, reporting to you from the National Easter Egg Hunt on the White House Lawn. There are at least 600 kids here trying their luck. “Whew! It’s hot forContinue reading “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week # 82”

Easter Morning From a Child’s Point of View

I have a very dear friend who is a children’s author and illustrator. I am particularly fond of one picture she created, depicting the power of Jesus’ resurrection from a heavenly angle, as a little child might best relate to it. I’m sharing it here in the hope that it adds to your joy onContinue reading “Easter Morning From a Child’s Point of View”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged # 2

My church has a small room designated as a prayer chapel, where people can go specifically to pray during the week and on Sundays, before and during the services. This group of crosses was carefully chosen and “arranged” across one wall of the chapel to help those who enter the room focus on Jesus ChristContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged # 2”