Weekend Coffee Share 1-5-19

If we were having coffee together, I would have just poured you a fresh cup from a pot that just now finished brewing. Mmmmmm. My house smells wonderful. I think one of the reasons I love coffee so much is the aroma and all the memories it arouses. In my family, coffee was the mainContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share 1-5-19”

Weekend Coffee Share, 1/6/18

If we were having coffee today, January 6, 2018, I’d remark on the fact that way back in the 1950’s, when I was still in elementary school, we would never have dreamed that we’d still be right here on planet earth in 2018 and involved in such amazing technology that we can communicate with thousandsContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share, 1/6/18”

Epiphany – in Cinquain

`   Sixth day. Epiphany: God manifests His love. His son has paid the price for sin For all. Rejoice! Emmanuel Has come to die then rise Again to give eternal life To all. Shout out! Epiphany Reveals the joyful news: The Christ has opened up the way To God. ~~~

Epiphany: You Don’t Have to Be a Christian to Call on Jesus

Epiphany is a celebration by the Body of Christ of the revelation of Jesus Christ to the gentiles — all nations of people who are not from His own Jewish heritage. On this day, we often celebrate the arrival of the wise men from the east, who came many miles, following a great sign inContinue reading “Epiphany: You Don’t Have to Be a Christian to Call on Jesus”