Hey, Jake, Wanna Buy a Book?

BOOK SALE — ONE WEEK ONLY — STARTS TODAY EVERYTHING’S JAKE E-Book: $0.99 Paperback:  $4.00 It’s just a little love story. But, then again, it’s a whole lot more than a love story. It’s about finding out who you really are and learning to like that person – and discovering that liking who you areContinue reading “Hey, Jake, Wanna Buy a Book?”

A Dream Come True – or – How ‘Everything’s Jake’ Was Born

“Where do your stories come from?” people ask. And my normal answer begins with, “Actually there are about as many different sources as there are stories.” And sometimes the answers can get pretty involved. But, with this little story – Everything’s Jake – it’s a ridiculously simple answer: I dreamed this story. Yep, that’s right.Continue reading “A Dream Come True – or – How ‘Everything’s Jake’ Was Born”