Five-Sentence Fiction — ‘The Next Page’

This week’s 5-Sentence-Fiction prompt is “Pages.” `   THE NEXT PAGE   He turned the crusty pages of the 100-year-old biography he’d found in his great-great grandfather’s library – his touch gentle – reverent even – and his eyes anxious. The title – The Exceptional Life of Benjamin Stonewheeler – had grabbed his attention immediatelyContinue reading “Five-Sentence Fiction — ‘The Next Page’”

Five-Sentence Fiction – 5/16/14 – ‘Making Sure’

This is the first time I’ve participated in Five-Sentence Fiction. It was fun. If you’d like to join in, use the link below to find out the details on the home site.     MAKING SURE       The door to Samuel’s office was closed for good. Ever since he’d shot himself there, hisContinue reading “Five-Sentence Fiction – 5/16/14 – ‘Making Sure’”