Two Cinquain Just For Fun

I haven’t written any cinquain in several months. That’s not like me at all, so I decided I’d remedy that situation today and write two.   Faulty Garden Zenias I planted some, And nice green stems came up. But months have passed and still no blooms. What’s wrong???   Closing In On Christmas August HasContinue reading “Two Cinquain Just For Fun”

Weekly Smile: 6/4/19

I’m finally getting back to participating in “Weekly Smile” this week. I really like this subject, but some weeks there are just too many irons in the fire already to be able to do another post for it. However, this week, I’m determined. And I’m SO determined that I’m going to do one better thanContinue reading “Weekly Smile: 6/4/19”

Pop-Up Beauty

God’s earth is so full of His beauty that even ordinary grass suddenly finds itself crowned with it. This spread of little purple flowers just had to force its way up and out of the ground — right in the midst of my yard — to give a colorful tribute to the Creator.    Continue reading “Pop-Up Beauty”