Friday Fictioneers – 3/7/14 — You Can’t Go Home Again

Well, another week has rolled around, and that means another Friday Fictioneers 100-word story challenge. This whole week, the number 1 has not worked on my computer keyboard. I have to take special pains to get it to type onto the page. So I got to thinking that perhaps I could use that as an excuse to say I’m going to have to do a 2 hundred word story instead – because my number 2 works just fine. However, I decided that even Rochelle, with her merciful attitude toward our rather liberal use of the term ‘100,’ would not be inclined to agree. So I bit the bullet and forced my keyboard to type the number 1 against its will.

This week’s prompt photo comes from Danny Bowman. However, due to the nature of my story, I needed to use a totally different photo at the story’s beginning. You will find Danny’s picture at the end, and the reasons will be self-explanatory.

To join the fun, visit Rochelle at her site:



What are you looking at, Kor?”

Hmm?  Oh, this photograph of Kate’s homeland. She’s kept it over her bed these 12 years that she’s worked at the space station.”

My, what serene beauty. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

Yes, she grew up on that mountain, and her greatest delight is the thought of returning tomorrow.”

But … what if …?”

I know.  I reminded her that earth has experienced a decade of atomic warfare. Much of it is beyond repair”

And …?”

She insists her mountain will be unchanged … but I … I fear for her a broken heart.”