Friday Fictioneers – 8/22/14 — ‘Love Grows On You’

Friday Fictioneers prompt this week is this photo by Roger Bultot. (Sorry, there was no link for him.). My story is below the picture.



Virginia Creeper wasn’t beautiful and was generally considered a nuisance wherever she grew. But she had a kind heart, and when she heard sobbing out by the alley, she crawled over to investigate. She found Barney, the discarded garbage truck, soaking the ground with his tears.


I-I-I’ve been thrown away! Dumped here; no one wants me now. Dead motor. And everybody says I-I-I stink!” His sobs were heartbreaking.

Virginia gathered her strength. Stretching, squirming, she pulled herself to the unhappy truck. She reached up, grabbed his bumper, and curled around it, stretching higher and wider until she had completely embraced Barney in a comforting hug.

Don’t cry, Barney. I love you, and I’ll stick with you forever.”


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