Prompt Nights 28: Travel

To participate in this challenge, visit “A Dash of Sunny.”   This week’s challenge has the theme of travel, and since Sanaa says we are welcome to offer previously published work, I’m going to re-post an article I originally wrote a couple years ago. It isn’t the least bit out of date, and I stillContinue reading “Prompt Nights 28: Travel”

Share Your World 2016 – Week 36

Come on, you know you’d like to share some things about yourself. Just hop over to Cee’s place and get the details about how to participate in this project. Question  # 1: List 2 things you have to be happy about. 1. Knowing Jesus Christ personally 2. Having the opportunity to write things that encourage,Continue reading “Share Your World 2016 – Week 36”

My Love Affair with the Smokies Conceived an Inspiratonal Novel Series

My love affair with the Smoky Mountains began when I was still a very young child. Except for a two-year stint in Fort Wayne, IN, my years between infancy and third grade were spent in Southern Illinois. And most of our family travels took us into the northeastern sections of the country. But when IContinue reading “My Love Affair with the Smokies Conceived an Inspiratonal Novel Series”

Travel Is Educational ???

At last I have a chance to sit down and tell the story of our adventure. To begin with, it was a trip that we have made many times before (in fact, my sister makes it at least three times a year, and I go whenever I can). So the route and the time frameContinue reading “Travel Is Educational ???”

Been There; Done That

Just a little note to say I’m not being snobbish. Just haven’t been home to be online and visit or comment this past several days. Took a trip to a couple of my favorite places, pictured below. Nashville is one of my old hometowns, and the Smoky Mountains are where I wish I could makeContinue reading “Been There; Done That”

Bob’s Frameable Keepers Challenge — Comin’ Round the Bend

Well, it’s “Lingering Visions’” fault.  I saw her photo for this challenge, and it was so beautiful that I had to stop and gaze at it.  That’s when I realized she was talking about Bob and his challenge. I hopped on over to Bob’s place, and the site itself is a work of art andContinue reading “Bob’s Frameable Keepers Challenge — Comin’ Round the Bend”

The Great Smoky Mountains — A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

I had to post this simply because it is my favorite place on the face of this earth.  I got to spend a very little time there again last week.  It is not only my favorite place to be, but it is also the place where my entire “Smoky Mountain Novel Series” was born severalContinue reading “The Great Smoky Mountains — A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth”