‘Dare To Be Different’ Christmas Card Series

My brand new Christmas card series “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS’ debuted this week at a holiday craft fair near my hometown. I’ve created scores of Christmas themed cards in the past, but last year, for some reason, I didn’t do anything new. However, this year, I just couldn’t resist something a little “out-of-the-ordinary.” IContinue reading “‘Dare To Be Different’ Christmas Card Series”

Abstract Greetings

These are two of my newest greeting cards — somewhat abstract in nature. Actually, they don’t look as good on here as they do in “real life,” but I like to post them anyway, because sharing what I’m creating helps keep me in the creative flow even when other things press me for time andContinue reading “Abstract Greetings”

Cee’s Fun-Foto Challenge: Orange

I didn’t have a good photo with orange that I hadn’t used at Thanksgiving time, but I had just put together a graphic design this week to use on a set of greeting cards I was making for a friend. So I thought I’d just share that rather than a traditional photo. It’s sort ofContinue reading “Cee’s Fun-Foto Challenge: Orange”

Irreverent Valentine Sentiment # 1

The month of love is almost upon us, and Valentine’s Day is rushing toward us at full speed. The store shelves are heavily laden with enormous boxes of fine chocolates and all manner of stuffed animals holding out decorated hearts. Florists are gearing up for orders of more roses than they get the whole restContinue reading “Irreverent Valentine Sentiment # 1”

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge — Red and White

Cee’s challenge this week is the colors Red and White. I chose a photo of the front of a greeting card. I create greeting cards, and this particular design is from a set I created for a lady who takes her walk of faith very seriously, but has fun with it too. The cards areContinue reading “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge — Red and White”