As Alike As Two Peas in a Pod?

Sandy and Mandy were identical twins.  Green-eyed beauties with dark brown hair, a smattering of freckles, and charming dispositions. From the day of their birth, mom had dressed them in identical outfits. When they started school, she bought them identical backpacks, and pulled their hair into identical pony tails.

She bragged to everyone about how “exactly alike” they were and insisted they do identical chores and play identical games at the same time. She sent them to Gramma’s farm together every year.

And every year, wearing blue jeans faded to exactly the same shade, with pony tails riding at exactly the same height and identical green eyes gazing into the peaceful pond at exactly the same time, they stood on the old wooden bridge and dreamed — totally separate, independent dreams.

And Mom couldn’t do anything about it


100-Word Challenge for Grownups # 135 – ‘The Dangling Decision’

Julia gave us a picture prompt this week for our 100-Word story. If you’d like to challenge yourself and take part, hop over to Julia’s Place and get the details


I’ve lived on this bayou all my life. Habitually sitting on this pier, dangling my feet in the water, thinking, dreaming, planning new adventures in sophisticated environments.

But when I was 16, sitting here, dangling my feet, Daniel kissed me, and I knew all my dreams were wrapped up in him, and we’d share those adventures.

Well, today, Daniel bought this property that includes this crumbling, unsafe pier, and his fondest dream is to rebuild it and live HERE the rest of his life!  He proposed.

I must decide, but … darn! … I have no place to dangle my feet and think …….