Friday Fictioneers – 5/23/14 – ‘The Fork in the Road’


The prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Story is the photo below: Copyright: Erin Leary.  Hop over to Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields’ site and learn how to get involved and share your own story. My story’s below the picture.




Kelsey drove along the fence, ignoring it, his thoughts battling. He’d be at the fork in the road soon. The south branch would take him to Barclay; he could hop a bus to the other side of the country.

The north branch would take him home, with his invalid wife to take care of. The neighbor tended her when Kelsey worked. And work was his only freedom.

It was hard to love a woman who couldn’t be a real wife anymore.

But he’d promised: “… for better or for worse …”  And she’d trusted him.

He took the north branch.









Thank You, Veterans!


To serve during a time of peace exhibits Faithfulness.
To serve during a time of war exhibits Courage.
To serve because the cause is just, and it is the right thing to do exhibits Honor.

Photo Courtesy of Ted Pavloff
Memoirs & Archives


I want to take advantage of this Memorial Day to express my limitless appreciation to every man and woman who has or who ever will lay their lives on the line for my freedom and that of the rest of the world. ‘Thank You’ will never be enough to say.