My Cadillac For Your Camel – (text & video)

(I originally posted this article almost 7 years ago. But this week I began thinking about the truths expressed in it, and I felt it was time to give it a fresh audience — and to put it into video format as well. You’ll find the video below the text. I trust it will bless,Continue reading “My Cadillac For Your Camel – (text & video)”

12 Days of Christmas Blessings: Day 11 — ‘What Are You Worth?’

This post is a repeat of an article I posted a couple years ago, but I feel it is important enough to deserve re-posting. The truth incorporated in this lesson is something we need to be reminded of frequently, so for myself — and for you — I’m sharing it again. WHAT ARE YOU WORTH?Continue reading “12 Days of Christmas Blessings: Day 11 — ‘What Are You Worth?’”

My Cadillac For Your Camel

[Haven’t had much time to blog this week, so I’ve gone back and pulled a few things from my archives that spoke to me in some particular way. This article was one of those things.] We all live by a value system of some kind. Each possession, each day, and each person in our livesContinue reading “My Cadillac For Your Camel”

Ever Wondered What You’re Worth?

You can find a hint in the words of this Christmas Carol: “Long lay the world, In sin and error pining, ‘Til He appeared, AND THE SOUL FELT ITS WORTH.” The most significant carols of the Christmas season have something important to say that goes beyond the adoration of a baby in a manger. JesusContinue reading “Ever Wondered What You’re Worth?”

Friday Fictioneers — 1/31/14 — A Man of Value

Friday Fictioneers is always such fun, and I’m so glad when I can manage to take part. This week’s prompt is a photo by Claire Fuller. You’ll find it below, followed by my 100-word story. (Actually my story is definitely over the limit on words, but it relates an example of true events that areContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers — 1/31/14 — A Man of Value”