‘The Daily Post’ 10-Minute Free-Write # 2

Hmmm. “The Daily Post” suggests that we free-write for 10 minutes again this week – about anything. Okey-dokey (Is that the correct spelling?). I think maybe I’ll take advantage of this time to introduce you to the delightful heroine of my newest book – now in progress. Her name is Priscilla Covington, and she isContinue reading “‘The Daily Post’ 10-Minute Free-Write # 2”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

This photo is of my grandfather on my mother’s side. His name was Elmer, and he was truly a “free spirit.” Sometimes he could be short and cantankerous, and I’ll have to say he did not get along with everyone as well as he did with me, but I loved him and his unique personality.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit”