Coffee Thursday 5/4/17 – For Those Iced Coffee Lovers Out There

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Good morning, all you coffee lovers. Here we are at another “Coffee Thursday.”  I do love these posts — mainly because I love coffee. Today I decided to focus on some interesting material I came across for iced coffee lovers. I’m inserting links to two other sites with information you’ll enjoy.

First is a site that focuses on coffee ice cubes. I have to be honest and say I never thought of that. I do drink iced coffee occasionally, but even when I drink it hot, sometimes when I first pour it from the pot it’s too hot to drink immediately, and I’ll grab a small ice cube to throw in and cool it off just a dab. But, of course, it does weaken it. If I made coffee ice cubes, that would be perfect. Also, I agree with what the author of this article says about the last couple inches of iced coffee left in a glass. It’s sooooo watery. Now, with coffee ice cubes — problem solved.


Now the other interesting treat I came across this week is coffee popsicles. Wow!  Do they look good!!!  Here’s the article that gives a great recipe. There are other recipes out there, of course — some made with cream and some not. (These are made with a little cream, by the way.) I think I’m definitely going to try these soon. Hope you enjoy reading about these 21st-century coffee adventures.


If you try either of these suggestions, let me know. And, as always feel free to share your own coffee post on your blog and hop over here with your link.

Enjoy your coffee today. Bottoms up!




Coffee Thursday – 4/20/17

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Good Coffee + Good Friends = One of Life’s Happiest Experiences


Well, ‘Coffee Thursday’ has rolled around again already. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. And I do have fun with my ‘Coffee Thursday’ posts. I wish more of my readers would share their own coffee experiences or thoughts with a post on their blogs and then hop over and give us the link. I know for sure many of you out there have particular thoughts concerning your coffee, and, undoubtedly, some of you have some experiences worth sharing — whether they be funny, happy, sad, or touching.

Most of the time, I like my coffee hot, rich, and mellow. But occasionally I enjoy a glass of iced coffee. But I’m pretty particular about it. If I do my own, I get the best, but second to my own, McDonald’s Vanilla Iced Coffee is my favorite. The one thing I can’t stand, though is lukewarm coffee. Make it hot or cold, but if it’s room temperature, I run for a microwave — fast!