Writing Rule # 1: Use Your Own Voice

Every writer, whether he’s having his say in prose or poetry, needs to follow the most important rule of successful writing: BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. If you spend your writing energy trying to be like some other author or poet – or trying to please people who do not see life the way you doContinue reading “Writing Rule # 1: Use Your Own Voice”

100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups – Week 89 — ‘Identity’

Julia’s 100-word story challenge this week is a beautiful picture from Marianne Whooley at Maris World.  My story is below the picture. IDENTITY Sandy and Mandy were identical twins: blond, green-eyed beauties with a smattering of freckles and charming dispositions. Mom dressed them in identical outfits, bought them identical backpacks, and pulled their hair into identicalContinue reading “100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups – Week 89 — ‘Identity’”