Poems of Passion Week – Day 6 – ‘The Reason’

                    O, Lamb of God So pure, so holy, undefiled, You came so meekly, Vulnerable, a tiny child. You took our sin And took all of its consequence. You chose the cross, And on it your lifeblood was spent. But for what cause, When tempted inContinue reading “Poems of Passion Week – Day 6 – ‘The Reason’”

Along The River

When I chose the photo for my submission to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge — Focus — I couldn’t resist looking through several other photos of a second river that I enjoyed during the same trip last fall. As I thought about that river, I also thought about the poem I wrote last April thatContinue reading “Along The River”

A Cardinal Sits With Me

A Cardinal sits with me at end of day. It is a bleak, unhappy time, And I have lost my way. He seems content to stay a while and rest, And my front porch is cool with shade, Sun moving to the west. On other days I’ve seen him flit and fly And labor quiteContinue reading “A Cardinal Sits With Me”